Album Review: Cornea - Apart (2020)

Picture Credit: Cornea
Artwork: Nicola Mel

Cornea - Apart
Release Date: April, 2020
Label: Jetglow Recordings
Format: Vinyl / CD / Cassette / Digital
Length: 36:26
Genre: Post Metal / Psychedelic Doom
Origin: Padua, Italy

The term cornea might be mostly known among ophthalmologists. But also for lovers of instrumental and atmospheric metal there is now a good reason to keep this word in mind. Cornea is a band from Italian town Padua that has released their debut "Apart" in the early times of the coronacene.

Nicola (guitar, synths), Andreas (drums, synths), and Sebastiano (bass) play powerful and stunning Post Metal that resembles heavy storms on a rugged coastline. Riffs with the weight of giant waves and the force of spring tides rage above a deeply atmospheric calm. It is this very dichotomy that creates a beautiful tension in the sounds on "Apart". The musical themes meanwhile are gloomy, apocalyptic and highly sedating. Psychedelic Doom meets Heavy Post Rock.

Cornea's debut feels like a timelapse of heavy tides on a barren shoreline. The Paduan trio has created an album that is both meditative and brachial.

Cornea Online:


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