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Devilz by Definition - The Bitter Remains of Human Consumption (2021/04/20, selfrelease, MW)
Underking - At Hell's Gate (2021/04/23, selfrelease, MW)
Grey Mouse - A Moment of Weakness (2021/05/07, [addicted label], MW)
Maa Ilmasta - ISO YÖ (2021/05/07, Luova Records, MW)
Psychonaut / Sâver - Emerald (2021/05/14, Pelagic Records, MW)
Yard of Blondes - Feed the Moon (2021/05/19, Die Laughing Records/Golden Robot Records/Secret Pole Dance Music, MW)
Mothman and the Thunderbirds - Into the Hollow (2021/05/21, selfrelease, MW)
Lost Division - Cuts and Scars (2021/05/28, Inverse Records, MW)
Blaise the Seeker - Burning Wind Away (2021/06/01, The Swamp, MW)
Oslo Tapes - ØR (2021/06/04, Pelagic Records, MW)
Year Of No Light - Consolamentum (2021/07/02, Pelagic Records, MW)
Watchman - Doom of Babylon (2021, Summer, MW)
Relentless Aggression - A Shadow of all Things broken (2021/Autumn, MW)

Psychedelic Rock from Peru

MW = will be published on MangoWave
BP = will be published on Betreutes Proggen
SM = will be published on Silence Magazin


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