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Album Review: Constraint - Tides of Entropy (2020)

Constraint - Tides of Entropy Release: March 23, 2020 Label: selfrelease Format: CD/Digital Length: 41:26 Genre: Symphonic Metal / Progressive Metal Origin: Modena, Italy
Modenese band Constraint was founded in 2011. After mostly playing cover versions of Symphonic Metal songs, the North Italian band has released their debut album "Enlightened by Darkness" in 2016. Since then, two more singles appeared, both of them teased the album "Tides of Entropy" which can now be streamed or purchased on CD.
So, let me introduce you to Constraint.The sextett presents themselves with Progressive and Symphonic Metal that is closely linked to Classical, Baroque and Celtic music. Thus, on the one hand  there are drummer Alessandro Lodesani, bass player Gabriele Masini and guitar player Matteo Bonfatti who create powerful and versatile soundscapes of tough Prog Metal. Their counterparts are keyboarder Enrico Bulgari and violonist Davide Borghi on the other hand. The gorgeous harmonies and …

Mini EP Review: Sentre - Sentre (2020)

Sentre - Sentre (Mini-EP) Release: March 28, 2020 Label: selfrelease Format: CD/Digital Length: 20:29 Genre: Modern Metal / Metalcore / Alternative Metal Origin: Roeselare, Belgium
The Belgian music scene fascinates me again and again. And I really cannot tell you why I have never visited this country, yet. The West Flandres town Roeselare is the home of the four musicians Kristof Taveirne (bass), Jonas Delbecke (drums), Dries van Belle (guitar, backing vocals) and Nick Lamote (vocals). Together they are Sentre.

After digitally releasing several singles, Sentre now decided to collect their first four songs on a Mini-EP which they autonomously sell on CD or as a digital copy. And of course, you can stream them. All important links are to be found at the end of the article. The music these four Flandres play is extraordinary and defintely worth listening to. In a unique way Sentre make harshly punching Metalcore breaks slide into melodic Alternative and Modern Metal. In between this loud organiz…

Single Review: Witch in Hawaii - Compulsive Order (2020)

Witch in Hawaii - Compulsive Order Release: July 12, 2020 Label: selfrelease Format: Digital Length: 03:20 Genre: Heavy Blues Rock / Alternative Rock Origin: Grenoble, France
Only half a year after the release of their first album "Wrong Place" Grenoble's Alternative Blues Rockers Witch in Hawaii strike again. The new single "Compulsive Order" is an aperitif for their new album which may come up in late 2020.
Blogger didn't find the YT video on Witch in Hawaii's account. And, I strictly refuse sharing a video from the channel of racist, sexist, homophobe, antisemite arsehole Stoned Meadow of Doom. Seriously, fuck that guy!
Anyways, those who knew Witch in Hawaii before, will have encountered that the new single is completely instrumental, unlike their debut album. Also, the sound has become a bit more scratchy and crunchy which I enjoy a lot. "Compulsive Order" features a heavily fuzzy impact that makes their Heavy Blues Rock very Kraut-y. It is amamzin…

Single Review: Cyanide Paradise - Downfall (2020)

Cyanide Paradise - Downfall Release: April 10, 2020 Label: selfrelease Length: 04:14 Genre: Melodic Death Metal Origin: Netherlands
Dutch Melodic Death Metal band Cyanide Paradise was formed in 2019. In the same year they released their first EP "Reach for the Stars". In April 2020 the quintet has shown more recent vital signs by releasing their new single "Downfall". For this song Cyanide Paradise have joined forces with Yarne Heylen (Carnation).
Melodic and partially symphonic arrangements accompany a rough musical landscape while vocalist Linn presents the impressive firt-person narration of a person trying to be as good as they can while the world around them has become a dystopian nightmare. As dark as it is, it has something empowering and motivating.
Fans of Northern European Melodic Death and Black Metal will especially love the end of the track. Here, the harmony reminds me of bands such as Sonata Arctica or Ensiferum. In general, Cyanide Paradise are presenting t…

Album Review: Requiem's Sathana - Requiem's Sathana (2020)

Requiem's Sathana - Requiem's Sathana Release: April 10, 2020 Labe: Cianeto Format: CD/Digital Length: 40:25 Genre: Black Metal / Blackened Death Metal Origin: Novo Hamburgo, Brazil
Requiem's Sathana were founded in 2017 and mostly consists of members from Bloodwork and Dyingbreed. The band's approach is to create musicked hailstorms of ice cold needles. Merciless and elemental Blackened Death Metal fires towards the eardrums as the seltfitled debut commences. But Requiem's Sathana have a lot more potential than just hacking down dark legions with ultra speed. After the devastating orcan of the first track 'Legion' Requiem's Sathana add plenty of Prog elements to their ice cold and brachial music.

Requiem's Sathana play massively intense Black and Death Metal without sounding hackneyed. That is not only due to the influence of Prog Metal and Doom Metal (especially in 'Now it's War'). Riffing and structure of the songs are inv…

Single Review: October Changes - Decay of Sleeping Beauty (2020)

October Changes - Decay of Sleeping Beauty Release: April 24, 2020 Label: selfrelease Format: Digital Length: 04:58 Genre: Gothic Rock / Symphonic Metal Origin: Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium
October Changes from Flanders town Heist-op-den-Berg (30km Southeast of Antwerp) have gone through some major changes in their line-up. As the quintet is complete again, October Changes are: Bert (guitar), Wesley (drums, electronics), Sven (bass), Luk (guitar), and Wendy (vocals). In this line-up they have released their newest single "Decay of Sleeping Beauty" - a very dark version of the famous fairytale.
October Changes present a warm but dark mix of Gothic Rock and Symphonic Metal. Central feature is Wendys voice that could also easily be found in the aria of a classic opera. Thr further soundscape uses elements of Symphonic Metal and combines them with melodic Gothic Rock. The outcome is a bitter sweet fairytale. If you enjoyed the melodic wave of Gothic Rock of the millenium era, you will defi…

EP Review: The Scoffs - Talk is cheap... Here's the Scoffs (2020)

The Scoffs - Talk is cheap... Here's The Scoffs Release: May 04, 2020 Label: selfrelease Format: CD/Digital Length: 15:40 Genre: 77 Punk Origin: Seattle, USA
The Scoff were founded in 2019. The band consists of Rob Olsen (drums), Nate Manning (bass, vocals), Gabor Szakacsi (guitar, vocals), and Steve "Knuck" Bostick (guitar, lead vocals) from the Needle City in Washington State. With "Talk is cheap... Here's The Scoffs" they have recently presented their debut EP - a five-track CD full of classic and melodic 77 Punk Rock.
Uncommon for 77 Punk is the rather strong usage of distortion on the guitars. Nevertheless, The Scoffs lightfootedly jump and dance over the fifteen minutes of their first EP. Rhythm and riffing immediately motivate your whole body to move and mosh. Each song is centered by a catchy hookline presented by clean and melodic voice.
The Scoffs play a powerful Rock'n'Roll-influenced version of 70s and 80s Punk Rock. Somewehere between Schoolgirl…