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10 of my favourite albums

Since I was nominated to post 10 of my favourite albums within ten days, and also I am a lazy bastard, here is day 1 to 10 out of 10 in one piece: Supernichts - Fixpunkte & Bojen (2008) One of my favourite German Punk Rock CDs. Funny, somehow stupid and yet intelligent... somehow. Songs such as "Keine Hochzeit ohne Braut" or "Generation Pissflitsche" will stay a steady companion in my mobile and lighten up every bus or train ride. Amen 81 - The Hit Pit (2013) This might have been that one album finally introducing me to political hardcore. Straight up hardcore with some special kind of humour. My favourite tracks still are "Races high" and "Das Palituch" (suck it, anti-imps!). Totenmond - TonbergUrtod (2005) Took me some time to decide which Totenmond album to add to this list, and trust me, "Reich in Rost", "Auf dem Mond ein Feuer" and "Thronräuber" could have been mentioned here as well! Finest d