Single Review: Ten Ton Slug - Hunting Ground (2019)

Some weeks ago I met Ten Ton Slug. The sympathetic quartet from Ireland gave me a flyer and informed that they are about to release a new single. So, here we go!
"Hunting Ground" is a straight sledgehammer. If anyone asked me how to describe the Sludge genre, I'd play this song to them. Dragged highly distorted Hardcore and Metal riffing combined with a tank tread-like battery, and the omnipresent shouted, growled, and screamed lyrics.
Ten Ton Slug present themselves with an even bigger self-consciousness than ever before. Their new single "Hunting Ground" is like a wrecking ball tearing down skylines.
Fot those who love comparisons: imagine Kataklysm's "Crippled and Broken" played by Kylesa at the aftershow of an Overkill concert.
"Hunting Ground" has a full and sonorous sound, the mix and master are absolutely stunning. With their new single Ten Ton Slug have produced their most massive song so far - a development that I highly support. Also, I really hope "Hunting Ground" is the prequel of a new album or EP to come.


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