EP Review: Here the Captain speaking, the Captain is dead (2018)

First of all, what a great name!
Here the Captain speaking, the Captain is dead's self-titled EP from 2018 is now available via Krefeld-based Krautrock label Tonzonen Records. Click here to purchase the blue or orange beauty enveloped in a high quality gatefold cover.
Adrián, Jose and Lucas recorded the six songs in early 2018 in Carcosa Studios, Alboraya. The outcome is three quarters of an hour of peaceful but intense and various Space and Kraut Rock. Here the Captain speaking, the Captain is dead colourfully narrate a chiefless odissey through space and time. The backbone of this story are the driving battery rhythms decorated with plenty of halting and chequered fills. Further guidance is implemented by the warming sounds of the bass which define the travel's direction. Last but not least guitar and synths paint the environment with the brightest colours via manifold loops, effects, and an impression I would call the Space Kraut Atmosphere.
By the time the records starts off with the first song 'Odissey' it appears, the Captain's final message telling about his death has already faded away. From this moment on the spaceship the Spanish band travels on is already on its pilotless journey without return. Thus, the vessel keeps on floating and passes plenty of figures, thoughts and memories. Those include notion of New York's Psychedlic Neo-Folk band 'Cult of Youth', British scientist and inventor 'Michael Faraday', Paul W. S. Anderson's sci-fi horror film 'Event Horizon', and finally 'The Journey' which could either relate to the theme of the first song or to one of many films that go by this name.
As a little special the final track 'The Journey' is only available on vinyl. A very beautiful bonus for everyone who still prefer their turntables over digital playlists and Spotify.
In general, the Space Kraut odissey the band is taking the listeners to gets a lot of its beauty by the simple but elaborately used element of minimalism. The trio only uses as many layers of musical motifs or loops as necessary to create the most beautiful pictures of galactic scenes.
The minimalistic approach gets emphasized optically by Ana Infinito's plain but gorgeous artwork the record is wrapped up in. In its vintage mode the cover adds the impression of either entering a great planetarium with comfortable seats, or holding the tickets for a monumental sci-fi film in one's hands. Either way, it perfectly fits the album.
The adjective fitting "Here the Captain speaking, the Captain is dead" the best is relaxant. On a krauty space journey like this, it does not even bother that the captain of the space vessel has passed away. Crew and passengers can joyfully appreciate the gorgeous scenery of vast space garnished with intense memories. This is an amazing journey to close you eyes to. Fantastic Space Kraut!

Here the Captain speaking, the Captain is dead Online:


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