Fresh Mango: December 04, 2021

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Rae Radick - Rae Radick (MR)
On her selftitled debut EP, New York's Rae Radick presents a colourful bouquet of contemporary and evergreen sounds. Indie Rock that crosses the line between radio-ready sounds and an autochthonous attidude meets Alt Country, Soul, and more. This eight-track EP is super various and thus is full of excitement and versatility. Rae Radick's first EP shows that the confident artist is here to stay.

The Johnson Family Band - Know Wisdom (MR)
Four musicians with four completely different backgrounds have come together to form The Johnson Family Band. The sound they create and the stories they tell are born from a collective core but spread to all directions, and thus reach out to lovers of music from different spheres, realms, and continents. The album "Know Wisdom" combines the power of Soul with the dynamics of Garage Rock, and the special ingredients love and passion.

9 o'clock nasty - party (MR)
Leicester's Post Punk and Experimental weirdo trio 9 o'clock nasty does not seem to know things such as fatigue, breaks, or lack of creativity. Restlessly, the band shoots release after release, and now that this special time of the year has begun, the band provides a holiday EP. In a time when everyone is blinded by commercials and fake love, "party" is here to bring the darkness that the end of the year needs.

Movment - Leave me alone (MR)
And speaking of darkness, here is 'Leave me alone' by Mullingar's Movment. The song is featured on their second full-length release "Transformation" and lets us dive into a deep swamp of Post Punk, Alternative Rock and Electronica sounds. The deeper you dig into that sonic construct of darkness you will realize that you are encountering content from your worst nightmares. And Movment would not be Movment if they had not added an Electronic version of the song as a B-Side of the single.

Fatal Nightmare - Rotten Apple (MR)
And speaking of nightmares, here is a fatal one. On 'Rotten Apple', Fatal Nightmare from Odessa, Ukraine show us the inconvenient status quo of human societies. Rotted through until the core, the once beautiful and inncocent fruit is now spreading disgust and stench where it used to stand for joy, beauty, and wisdom. Fatal Nightmare wrap this sober and direct message up in heavy and compromiseless Industrial Metal.

Two Man Advantage - Headhunting (MR)
The version of 'Headhunting' on hand is featured on the compilation "DCxPC Presents: Two Man Advantage". While the B-Side of this great two-concert records was recorded in Las Vegas in May 2018, 'Headhunting' is from the A-Side that was recorded at New York's legendary CBGB's on August 04, 2002. Long Island's Two Man Advantage present a heavy wrecking ball of remorseless East Coast Punk and Hardcore with on their most famoues tracks here.

Mike Masser - The Phoenix (MR)
With his fourth solo album out, Mike Prescott from Prescott, AZ has had enough time to experience the music business and its surroundings. And thus, the artist has also through some serious bullshit. But with his new full-length release out, the Arizonan musician has a loud and clear message for those who tried to bring him down: a phoenix cannot be burned, it will only return stronger. This message is carried forward via massive Stoner Rock, Fuzz en masse, and a melodic Southern Rock impact.

Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps - This is my happy Face (MR)
Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, here is a concept album about the final seconds that separate life from death. It is believed that in this situation, people see their whole lives flashing before their eyes. An thus, Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps let their latest album "This is my Happy Face" begin with the suicide of the story's protagonist. As the narrative begins, Alternative Rock, Folk, and Prog create a grogeous soundscape to dive in to.

Roxx Revolt & The Velvet - Supersonica Girl (MR)
A completely differet approach to Indie Rock and Rock'n'Roll can be heard on the latest single by Roxx Revolt & The Velvets from Naples, FL. Their song 'Supersonica Girl' is a boppy reminder that rock music is not to be buried, yet. Instead, the band from the Bay Area shows us that glam and glitter look better than ever, now that we have HD screens. And therefore, 'Supersonica Girl' is a timeless anthem for the dancefloor.

Sonia Aimy - Reconnect (MR)
And now something completely different? Well, Toronto-based musician Sonia is not reconnecting to Rock'n'Roll, but to life, to Earth, and to nature. The gifted artist combines the power of Soul with the energy of Funk, the passionate heartbeat of Afrobeat, and a holistic love for all life in this universe. And on this way, Sonia Amy openly confronts racism, distortion from nature, destruction of our home planet, and sexism, in order to reconnect, and therefore create a future worth living for.

Under Delusion - Cry another Day (MR)
The sixth single released by Moscow's rising stars Under Delusion is actually the first song they ever wrote as a band. Their deep and dark Post Punk sound on 'Cry another Day' mixes some severe Darkwave and some powerful Alternative Rock. As melancholic this song is, it is also extremely self-empowering and also psychedelic. Hence, it is a good song to forget about your ex to.

Blueprint Tokyo - A Whole New Life (MR)
Kevin and Andy from Oklahoma and Alberta have risen from the ashes of their pause due to illness. Now, with a new perspective and new-found power, the du is back stronger than ever before. And so, they present their four-track EP "A Whole New Life" celebrating their rebirth musically. On twelve minutes, they present reflected, melodic, and melancholic Indie Rock that comes with a strong 1980s vibe.

Primes - Redesign (MR)
More Indie Rock with a positive outlook on what the future might give if we only took action, comes from Falkirk, Scotland. Trio Primes plays some heavily energetic sounds that are influenced by the massive weight of late 1990s Alternative Rock on the one side, and by the feather weight dynamics of post Millenium Indie Rock and Skate Punk on the other hand. The result is a very modern and catchy sound that comes with an anthemic chorus.

Kardinal X - The Revolution (MR)
Jack Black once said that Metal cannot be killed, and although he might be a jester, he was probably right about that. London's Kardinal X are a great example for the ongoing and everlasting presence of Heavy Metal. The quartet presents a ten-track album of co-written songs, all recorded live at the studio. This is the real stuff, this is honest and autochthonous Heavy Metal, so raise the horns and bang your heads.

GAZ - Watergazed (MR)
'Watergazed' by Barceloa's trio GAZ is actually not a super new release as it was out in February 2020. But as the time from March 2020 until now got a bit weird and many releases were overlooked, 'Watergazed' deserves some attention here. GAZ are going superfunky on their album, and they present extremely energetic Rhythm and Blues that comcines the sound of three post war decades, and revives them in a timeless manner.

Snakedoctors - Mellow Joy (MR)
The album's title screams Post Punk, and yes, Snakedoctors from Polish town Danzig play the deeply melancholic, heavily gloomy, and joyfully bad-tempered sound of the 1980s (with contemporary content, such as the song 'Tinder Girl'). On heavy and sonorous riffs, the Polish creaes exactly what the album title tells us: "Mellow Joy".

Giorgos Tabakis - hEre noW theN
Giorgos Tabakis from Athens, Greece presents ten new songs that are defined of musical genius, a strong feeling for harmonies and disharmonies and how to joyfully let them interact with each other, and a wide spectre of musical knowledge. With his eight-stringed guitaras the sole intrument, Giorgos Tabakis creates gorgeous sondscapes that let Folk and Avantgarde merge to a whole new sound.

The Miller Test - No Venus Moves (MR)
And last but not least, here is 'No Venus Moves' by London's The Miller Test. The song is eatured on their second longplayer "Dead Blue" and music-wise takes us back to a time when we all were a bit more fearless - the 1990s. New Wave and Indie Rock invite us to a joyfuly dance at a sunny venue whie the surf guitar adds the extra sea breeze to this awesome sound. Somewehere between this happiness and the outlook that all might die pretty soon, The Miller Test are here to make our bodies move.


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