Fresh Mango: February 06, 2022

 Fresh Mango

10 new releases that are worth checking out!
10 short reviews.
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Gabrielle Ornate - Spirit of the Times (MR)
(03:29, Single, Digital, Minerva Sounds, 04/02/2022)
When life feels like a ride on a ferris wheel or a carousel, it is important to recognize the right time to break out of the cycle. Bohemian pop artist Gabrielle Ornate from Radlett in English Hertfordshire describes this process of feeling the 'Spirit of the Times' and finding the perfect moment to spread your wings an daintily escape the everlasting same old, same old. This beautifully empowering message is conveyed by an insanely refreshing mix of Psychedelic Rock and Indie Pop. Dynamic loops of thrilling sounds and the artist's great vocals lift you up while they paint gorgeous colourful pictures in your head.

Vince Chinaski - She comes in Colours (MR)
(04:35, Single, Digital, selfrelease, 04/02/2022)
On a dreamy and happy three-quarter time, Vince Chinaski waltzes across the European continent in his new song 'She comes in Colours'. The song is a heartful and anthemic Indie Folk ballad that has a lot of Soul. Like the feet of a dancer, the waltz circles around a magnificient source of inspiration and energy. Activated by this instance the soundscape orbits about, saturated colours and deep joy are born. And thus, Vince Chinaskis 'She comes in Colours' powerfully reminds and empwers us to follow our passion and to embrace our dreams.

Hogtrucker - Truckstop Diva (MR)
(04:40, Single, Digital, selfrelease, 10/12/2021)
Ten months after the release of his last EP "Diskogoth", dropped the single 'Truckstop Diva' in which the Electronica and Disco sounds are supported by a much stronger Rock theme. The result is a dark and thrilling Post Punk sound and a perfect fit for every Goth and Industrial party. The atmospheric anthem brings the trucker theme to the dancefloor. Hogtrucker thus presents a thrilling sonic journey that sounds like an allnight drive on the highway with Depeche Mode and The Sisters of Mercy in the cabin. Pedal to the metal and enjoy the streetlights passing by.

Viscula - IV (MR)
(24:35, Album, Digital, Alien Milk Records, 17/12/2021)
Viscula's new album "IV" is opened by a chill and jazzy introduction. The instrumental release then continues with the psychedelic tune 'Seagulls' that reminds of a clear blues sky that is only decorated by a gently hot sun and  some fowls' joyful pirouettes. Going on with the bassy 'Heartwell', the melancholic sonic reverie 'Grey' and the boppy Surf anthem 'Rhumba', the London-based quartet creates gorgeous and dreamy soundscapes between Post Rock, Post Punk, and Dream Pop. Even with the slightly darker track 'Plague', 'Love is hard', and 'Bad Decision', Viscula create a relaxed air full of sunshine and thoughtful moments.

The Hell Beings - Wind your Neck (MR)
(03:53, Single, Digital, selfrelease, 31/01/2022)
Brighton's Hell Beings incorporate their environment's air, process it in their minds and bodies, and finally exhale. The band's sonic breath is a minimalist and yet artistic, melancholic and yet energetic stream of consciousness made from the COVID era, from sci-fi and fantasy, and from Garage Rock, Punk and Post Punk. Like a joyride through a black and white tunnel on rusty rollercoaster, The Hell Beings bring joy, excitement, and a bit of horror. So, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy this very honest and sober ride.

Frau Fleischer - When the Sun's Down (MR)
(35:51, Album, CD/Digital, Sliptrick Records, 23/11/2021)
Frau Fleischer (German: Miss Butcher) are an Industrial Metal, EDM, and Synth Rock band from French town Nice. Their recently released debut album gently invites the audience to the band's realms. Once the listeners find themelves in a dark and spooky Steam Punk dungeon, the door behind their back is slammed clse and the strobe lights begin to flicker with the drums' high pace. Beautiful horror and dark fetish come from the sound speakers as the band leads their audience through this nine-track release. This is definitely not for cowards, but fans of intense Industrial and Synth Rock à la Punish Yourself will love this (and so do I).

divine&acajou - Viens (MR)
(04:04/03:05, Single, Digital, selfrelease, 15/12/2021)
'Viens' (French: 'Come') is the debut by divine&acajou (Divine and Mahogany) from French capital Paris. With healthy confidence, ethereal sounds, and impressive sensibility, divine&acajou hypnotizes the audience and casts a sweet spell over them. Dark and fascinating Indie Pop is paired with slightly Post Punkish Synthwave and the tradition of French Chanson as the new artist from Paris powerfully bursts into the music business. The thrilling soundscapes whet the listeners' appetite and will bring deep joy not only to fans of Dark Indie Pop à la JIVA.

Think Sanity - Closest to Happy (MR)
(04:29, Single, Digital, selfrelease, 31/12/2021)
On New Year's Eve 2021, Think Sanity from Anniston, Alabama released the final ex anate single to their upcoming album "Think Safely" which will be out on February 19, and can already be preordered and listened to on Bandcamp. As the title might assume, it is a melancholic and yet soberly content song that describes the moment when you have made an important achievement for your personal progress. And speaking of progress, the sound on this emotional and yet intense soundscape is progressive as well. Math Rock, Prog, and some intelligent mix from Emocore and Indie Rock perfectly describe this beautiful feeling of being 'Clostes to happy'.

Kevin the Persian - Southern Dissonance (MR)
(36:50, Album, Vinyl/CD/Cassette/Digital, selfrelease, 19/01/2022)
Nevermind the discomfort, the is "Southern Dissonance"! Kevin the Persian from New Orleans, Louisiana provides us with "music for masochists" as the artists calls his style. The nine-track album is a confident and artistic presentation on which Kevin the Persian invites on a holistic journey through the history of Rock'n'Roll. The dynamic sound of the 1950s can be spotted on this stunning album as well as the dry and hot traces of Southern Rock and the dark and massive influence of 90s and 00s Alternative and Grunge. Does the ride end there? Not at all! Kevin the Persian des not serve us rehashs, but presents a new taste of Southern Grunge, or "Southern Dissonance". Kevin the Persian may sing 'Rock is dead' on this amazing album, but he has revived it simultaneously. Candidate for album of the year? Hell yes! Nevermind the Mississippi, this is the 'Persian Delta Blues'!

ANVR - Live at Sunset Recording Studios (MR)
(13:07, EP, Digital, selfrelease, 28/01/2022)
And last but not least, there is this amazing four-track Live EP by Alternative and Folk Rock duo ANVR from Cape Town, South Africa. With melancholy as the recording's central element, Andreas and Simon present their first acoustic EP in over ten years of band history. The harmonic and soothing sounds convey the story of a toxic relationship ('Glowing in Gold'), inspiration and empowerment ('Dive'), processing of dark times ('Down by the River', my personal favourite on this EP), and different perspectives on one's own identity ('Superman'). These session from Sunset Recording Studios is a beautifully emotional and melancholic release full of heartwarming and soulful moments.


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