Fresh Mango: February 22, 2022

 Fresh Mango

8 new releases that are worth checking out!
8 short reviews.
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QOYA - Stellar Frequencies Sessions (MR)
(14:19, EP, Vinyl/Digital, Stellar Frequencies, 10/02/2022)
QOYA from Grenoble, France have released their first longplayer "
Yōkai" in October 2021 - click here to read my review on the album. In December Amar (drums), Antoine (guitar), and Quentin (guitar) have played two tracks from "Yōkai" at a special recording session for Stellar Frequencies at Nôtre-Dame-Sur-L'Eau in Verneuil en Bourbonnais. The sweet and deep melancholia of the songs 'Whispers' and 'Banshee' beautifully resonates with the church's atmosphere.

Kajgūn - Daogoad (MR)
(42:32, Album, Digital, selfrelease, 11/02/2022)
When Ádám Tóth (theremin, e-violin, effects), 
András Czimmermann (saxophone, wind instruments, synths), Balázs Söptei (guitars), and Győző Mesterházy (drums) create music together, you can prepare your hearing for some intensely artistic and avantgardist experience. Latest proof is the album "Daogoad" on which the quartet from Hungarian capital Budapest presents four improvised and deeply stunning tracks. With Jazz, Kraut and Psychedelia on the one hand, Metal, Noise and Oriental scales on the other hand, Kajgūn take us on a fantastic musical journey.

Zrangorn - Black Berlin
(15:08, EP, Digital, Wahstuff, 11/02/2022)
Zrangorn is the solo project by Irish artist Conor Hickey. The musician from Ballina hereby presents his latest work 'Dark Berlin' alongside two older recordings on his new EP. The title track is an intoxicant journey through the darker spheres of the German capital. Guided by dark soundscapes and effects and some raw Noise and Post Punk, Zrangorn shows us around the dungeons and sparsely illuminated regions of nocturnal Berlin.

Marseille - She knows a Place (MR)
(03:41, Single, Digital, 11/02/2022)
Joe, Tom, and Will are three young musicians from English town Derby. Together, they have formed the band Marseille in 2021, and since then the trio defies the standstill that is brought upon us by the virus. Marseille's latest single 'She knows a Place' is a song that is filled with wanderlust, melancholia, movement, and some 90s nostalgia. Indie Pop that is strongly influenced by Brit Pop and Shoegaze reminds of the early years after the iron curtain fell.

(02:23, Single, Digital, selfrelease, 11/02/2022)
The new single 'Sense' by Berlin's trio LOBSTERBOMB starts off as a mid-tempo Garage Rock anthem. Low distortion and boppy riffs accompany the catchy chorus 'You know what's what' until the song reaches its climax. With the phrase 'You just want to scream', the apex is defined, and LOBSTERBOMB slide into a colourful moshpit of 77 Punk Rock with some Neighborhood Brats vibes. This single is the logical consensequence to the fantastic EP "Go! Go! Go!", and an absolute banger.

Various Artists - Metal is Forged Here
(73:53, Compilation, CD/Digital, Metallurg, 13/02/2022)
Polish and Ukrainian label Metallurg is celebrating their thirteenth anniversairy. For this occasion, the label and agency presents a great overview of their work so far on a brimful CD. Sixteen tracks feature Metallurg artists from the USA, the UK, Ukraine, Sweden, Russia, Norway, Lithuania, Italy, Germany, Brazil, and Australia. These 74 minutes will bring joy to ans of all Extreme Metal genres such as Death, Black, Thrash, Doom, etc.

The Cribbs - 78RPM
(13:05, EP, CD/Digital, Dammit Records, 14/02/2022)
Remember the great songs by Bernard Cribbins, Wendy Richard, and Mike Sarne? These 1960s' anthems such as 'Right Said Fred', 'Hole in the Ground', 'Any Old Iron', 'Come outside' or 'Will I what?' are still stunning. But one thing is missing - Punk!
Fortunately, The Cribbs have re-recorded these classics with a great Punk Rock spin. The result is this seven-track EP that will move every part of your body.

Petrol Girls - Baby, I had an Abortion (MR)
(03:12, Single, Digital, Hassle Records, 11/02/2022)
Abortion is still a taboo topic. Let's say it again, ABORTION. And shame, shame, shame on those who still want to blame and stigmatize people who had an abortion.
The Petrol Girls from Austrian town Graz have hereby created an important and absolutely smashing party banger full of empowerment and encouragement, and the simple fact that if it is not your body then it is not your choice, mate. And music-wise? This great tune reminds of Rabies Babies with more electronic elements. Awesome!


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