Fresh Mango: February 23, 2022

 Fresh Mango

8 new releases that are worth checking out!
8 short reviews.
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Mind Erasure - Connive (MR)
(55:43, Album, Digital, selfrelease, 13/02/2022)
The long and imposant symphonic introduction 'Proem' raises tension and anticipation at the beginning of Mind Erasure's new album "Connive". Those progressive, melodic, and symphonic parts play a central role on the eleven-track release as they create powerful bonds and intermission between the harsh and brachial Blackened Death Metal provided by the trio from Corfu, Greece. Hence, "Connive" is both, artistically and brutally, a stunning Metal album.

Polymorth - Rainmaking (MR)
(12:29, Single, Digital, selfrelease, 16/02/2022)
Oli Mortham from English town Diss, also known as the artistic mastermind behind Polymorth is back with his latest maxi single 'Rainmaking'. The three-track release is opened by the title track, a massively grooving Djent and Prog Metal banger full of surprises, gorgeous twists, and some steril but smashing Modern Metal sound. The first track fades out into the calm electronic track 'Drip.Drip..Drip...', the meditative sibling to 'Rainmaking'. And last but not least, the maxi single also contains the edited and abriged Radio Edition of 'Rainmaking'.

Kuoleman Galleria - Armon Loppu (MR)
(43:33, Album, CD/Digital, Inverse Records, 18/02/2022)
With their third full-length release "Armon Loppu" (Finnish: "End of Grace"), Kuoleman Galleria (Gallery of Death) celebrate their ten-years-anniversairy as a band. The quartet from Finnish town Tampere creates dark and brachial soundscapes made from Blackened Death Metal, small portions of Northern Folklore and gloomy tales. Approaching the chasms of human actions, Kuoleman Galleria take their listeners across the bridge to the dark side where they explore the realms beyond the end of grace.

Patience of the Trail - Rite (MR)
(24:21, EP, Digital, selfrelease, 18/02/2022)
This four-track EP is the debut release by Pascal Schwemmer and Jan Wiesinger from Middle Franconian city Nuremberg, also known as Patience of the Trail. The EP "Rite" is an atmospheric and cinematic instrumental piece that combines the cold and melancholic elements of Post Rock with sensual Ambient and slight pieces of Prog Metal. Imposant song structures and seamless production by Nikita Kamprad (Der Weg Einer Freiheit) make "Rite" a fantastic and exciting release not only for fans of Noorvik or Six Days of Calm.

Beauty in Chaos - Behind the Veil (MR)
(76:43, Album, Vinyl/CD/Digital, 33.3 Music Collective, 22/02/2022)
On six new tracks and seven remixes, Beauty in Chaos from Los Angeles, California create an imposant and stunning sonic landscape for their audience. Atmospheric Post Rock meets the sweet and noisy musical reverie of Dream Pop and Shoegaze while dark clouds made from Gothic Rock, Darkwave, and post-90s Alternative Rock add to the thrilling mood. These 77 minutes are full of excitement, entertainment and calming tunes.

The Mountain King - WolloW (MR)
(51:05, Album, CD/Digital, Cursed Monk, 22/02/2022)
The Mountain King from Mainz, Germany relentlessly produces one great album after the next one. After a hiatus of around half a year, the new full-length release "WolloW" is a powerful return to The Mountain King's Funeral Doom phase. Glitchy electronic sounds and apocalyptic Post Rock tunes create a stunning sonic palindrome - thus, it is no wonder the album was released on 20/02/2022.

SALt - Boxcar (MR)
(04:33, Single, Digital, The Animal Farm, 17/09/2021)
In their single 'Boxcar', SALt from Edinburgh, Scotland pay an hommage to the great author Leon Ray Livingston who traveled across country in boxcars when working on his novels. The famous hobo author and his works stand for an insatiable desire for freedom and expression of the self. Thus, Scottish band SALt has dedicated this great song to him by creating a soundscape that comes up to the feeling expressed by Livingston's writing. Punk Rock, Country and Post Punk meet on this atmospheric buy dynamic song and therefore instantly wake the listeners' wanderlust.

Contact Light - Drown (MR)
(04:03, Single, Digital, Ghosts are coming to get you Records, 10/01/2022)
Contact Light from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania bring the fresh wind that the universe of Hardcore, Punk, and Alternative Rock need. The young trio combines raw soundscapes and heavy tunes with emotional vocals, sensual melodies, and thereby creates a holistic and wholesome sonic experience. Between Post Hardcore and lyrical honesty, Contact Light want to detaboo mental health issues and thus normalize talking about these topics. Their latest single 'Drown' is an anthem for the allies and for awareness as it concerns empathy and its importance for everyone who is seeking help.


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