Album Review: InDecision - ID (2022)

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Picture Credit: InDecision

InDecision - ID
Release Date: April 29, 2022
Label: selfrelease (Vinyl) / Krachige Platten (Tape)
Format: Vinyl / Tape / Digital
Duration: 32:22
Genre: Post Punk / Coldwave / Dream Rock
Origin: Karlsruhe, Germany

InDecision are a quintet from Karlsruhe, the biggest city in the German region of Baden. In 2018, they released their first EP "Ghost", and now their album debut "ID" has followed.
The five members of InDecision have played in various bands before, Diego, The Bone Idles, Noisome, to name a few. As they started playing music together in their new-found formation, the lowest common denominator was found quickly - and to everyone's pleasure it is the Wave and Post Punk sound of the 1980s. As these melancholic and velvet sounds are experiencing a huge revival in the 20s of the 21st century, InDecision have thereby hit the ravages of time.

To describe the soundscapes on "ID" one can use terms such as Coldwave, Post Punk or Dream Rock. Fans of both old and new bands such as New Order, She Past Away, Tåsen Tea Party, Human Tetris, or Dead Boys can mutually enjoy this ten-track release.
The sonic foundation is built by the clockwork drums by Christian Fluri and the thick and sonorous carpets woven by bass player Freddy Joras. The synthesizers played by Steffen Geier create whole worlds above this scaffolding while Michael Hinz' guitar sets highlights like exploding distant stars. And on top the ethereal vocals by Andreas Mutter take the listeners by their hand and lead them through thrilling tales on life and death, love and selfcare, passion and suppression.

Picture Credit: InDecision

When the needle kisses this vinyl record, the world is put on hold for thirty-two minutes - or at least it is set to slow-motion. Thus, the impressions spread by "ID" are somewhere between hovering and falling extremely slowly. It is that beautiful moment of numbness before the pain kicks in again, that welcome sedative that lets you breath freely.
From dreamy and shoegazy elements up to heavy rock riffings, InDecision provide a safe space from negativity and a space where emotion can be expressed freely.

As dark and gloomy as "ID" is, InDecision's debut album has a deeply healing effect. The German band has thus given us a nice chance to get some toxicity off our chests.

InDecision Online:
bandcamp (InDecision)
bandcamp (ProvinzPostille / Krachige Platten)

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