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 Fresh Mango

9 great new releases - 9 short reviews.
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Emma Hunter - Love is not a Choice
(04:55, Single, Digital, selfrelease, 08/07/2022)
In April 2021, Oxford's Emma Hunter enchanted our ears with the powerful and artistic single 'Nightingale' - click here to read the review. The English artist introduced a narrative of a protagonist caught in a toxic relationship but secretly in love with someone else over the course of several single releases now. Now, as Emma Hunter is working on an upcoming EP, this tale is about to be continued, and the protagonist from 'Here I go' and 'Nightingale' is about to spread their wings and find acceptance and loe for themselves.
It is love that is crucial here. Emma Hunter's new single is an empowering anthem for everyone who needs to hear this: love is always right. The song is therefore supporting every form of consensual affection that goes beyond the spheres of heteronormative, binary, or hegemonically monogamic relationships. Together with drummer Tom Bruce, Emma Hunter on vocals, guitars and loops invites us on a sensual and enchanting Flamenco dance for all the loving - queer and beyond.

The Margaret Hooligans - Fat Tongue
(04:51, Single, Digital, selfrelease, 08/07/2022)
On the road to release of their album "Turntable Tribulations", The Margaret Hooligans from Bala Cynwyd, Pennsyilvania have alreade had several appearances on MangoWave. The duo's fourth ex ante single off their longplayer is a special one - although The Margaret Hooligans' approach to Garage Rock and related genres is far from ordinary anyways. The idiosyncratic nature of this song is that it is actually four songs that have become one. The single is introduced by the first verse which is mostly covered by jazzy and noisy drumming until a short chat between Meg Cratty (vocals and electric baritone ukulele) and Mr Strontium (drums and percussions) leads into a heavyweight Rock'n'Roll breakdown. As the intensity increases the rolling sound becomes a heavy thunderstorm of Garage Rock, Fuzz and Noise.
The Margaret Hooligans use this intense and cohesively thrilling soundscape for spreading some thoughts on social media and communications these days. In a world where everyone can comment on anything, it can be an extremely pleasant sound when someone keeps their 'Fat Tongue' in their mouth sometimes.

Jesse Grossi - She lost Control
(03:33, Single, Digital, selfrelease, 05/08/2022)
With Jesse Grossi's fresh new single 'She lost Control' there is another release by a regular guest on MangoWave in this Fresh Mango post. The Los Angeles-based Indie Rock and Pop Punk artist is known for reliably producing hit after hit, and the single on hand is no exception to that. The song 'She lost Control' fills wide spectres between the fields of love song, anti-love song, and songs that deal with love and its side effects. And thus, 'She lost Control' is a beautiful little tale that includes drama, lust, passion, emotions, surprise, and the need to not be alone.
Music-wise, Jesse Grossi provides us sonic sunshine made from West Coast Pop Punk, a certain Ska Punk vibe, anthemic Indie Rock passages that taste like endless nights, and a funky but yet gentle bass line. Apart from the latter, the most outstanding features of 'She lost Control' can be found in the vocals. Jesse Grossi knows who to slide from on-point rap lyrics to sensual chanting in a heartbeat. Also, the last verse which is sung in Spanish makes the song even more exciting. Speaking of excitement, the track's coda features a new theme which sounds as it might lead into the next saucy banger by Jesse Grossi.

Zeta Zeroes - 11:01
(11:01, EP, Digital, Bailey Road Records, 15/07/2022)
Eleven minutes and one second is exactly how long the debut EP by Washington, D.C.'s one-person Punk band runs. The four-track release is a collection of songs written, composed and performed by a single person who has originally set them up as instrumentals. Over the years, the songs have grown, have received some alternations, and finally they have received lyrics.  Now, rearranged, rerecorded with vocals, "11:01" is ready to be played on volume at the skate parks or at your flat-demolishing party.
Zeta Zeroes' music is a dynamic clash of sounds, most of them originally located in the era from the late 1990s and the first half of the 00s. Genre-wise, "11:01" reaches from upbeat Pop Punk to rough Hardcore Punk and Skate Punk, and the range of the sound does not leave out the dark but forceful Alternative Rock and Metal of the Millenium era. This is feel-good music for the fast lane, for an arduous full-body workout, for grinding your local police station's banister, and for pogo-dancing on your kitchen table.

Andy Arno - Misanthropy
(04:09, Single, Digital, Acqustic, 23/06/2022)
Andy Arno from Catalán metropolis Barcelona is inviting her audience on a fulfilling self-embracing and empowering trip. Driven by the everlastingly annoying input by social media and its participants, the free mind is often disturbed, clogged, or interrupted. Thus, it is necessary to free the channels and vessels of the spirit from time to time. Looking for a soundtrack for such an important selfcare session, Andy Arno's single 'Misanthropy' is a perfect fit. The Spanish artist allows the listeners to open their minds, let all the toxicity be drained out, so that the inner darkness can joyfully be embraced and celebrated.
Andy Arno's sound on this release is an autochthonous and honest hommage to Rock music from the mid-1990s with a tasty, sunny and mindblowing twist. Going from Grunge and Indie to gloomy but sensual Alternative Rock, 'Misanthropy' becomes a ballad for joy rides and séances. The vocalist's soothing and energizing voice wrap up an amazing soundscape that combines psychedelic themes with Grunge, and is thus hypnotizing and strengthening simultaneously.

Dez Dare - Ulysses Trash
(34:21, Album, CD/Digital, CH!MP Records, 19/08/2022)
Australian-born and Brighton, England-based artist Dez Dare has released his second full-length within within fifteen months. As some of the previous single releases can be found on MangoWave, some readers will already be acquainted with Dez Dare's music. And yet,  he is a mystery, a shipload of jacks-in-a-box, a guarantee that only the unexpected can be expected. From Noise to gentle Indie Rock, from heavyweight Garage Rock filled up with psychedelia leaning into Stoner Rock, up to Crossover sounds, Dez Dare successfully deconstructs independent music to completely rebuild it. One might see parallels to New Indie artists such as 9 o'clock nasty or The Qwarks, and yet Dez Dare and his sophomore longplayer "Ulysses Trash" stand for an idiosyncratic way of re-thinking subculture and artistic liberty. This stunning album is a 34-minute hell yes to change, progress, and life.

Love A - Meisenstaat
(37:27, Album, Vinyl/CD/Digital, Rookie Records/Indigo/The Orchard, 19/08/2022)
Connaisseuses and connaiseurs of German Punk and Indie Rock will giggle when reading this album's title, and it is not because "Meisenstaat" means "Chickadee State", but because it is a reference to the legendary Deutschpunk album "Ameisenstaat" ("Ant Colony") by Knochenfabrik.
Nevertheless, Love A do not reproduce this hedonist orgy of selfdestruction. Instead, their new album is an intelligent, self-reflected and dark soundtrack that draws the bridge from Punk Rock over Depro Punk to Post Punk. Dark thoughts on past, present and future come together while the whole word collapses around the sound of the German band.
If you know how to embrace melancholy and if you can enjoy a pogo dance in the dark dungen club while the world outside might or might not fall to pieces until the end of the song, then this amazingly stunning album is perfect for you.

The Occult - The Occult
(39:53, Album, CD/Digital, selfrelease, 19/08/2022)
The Occult's self-titled debut album is a thirteen-track (of course) ride with the ghost train. Call it Horror Punk, Death Rock, Monster Rock'n'Roll, Shockabilly, or whatever you like, the direction this one goes to is obvious. Heavily rolling Punk'n'Roll themes come with a spooky atmosphere, thrilling echoes, and anthemic choruses. With 'Strangling Republicans', the Québécois band has also packed a legit moshpit banger on this album which will make you exit your crypt and join the other ghouls and fiends for a dynamic dance.
Although the Horror Punk genre often appears to be about to go extinct, every now and then a fresh new release pops up, and like Dead United The Occult prove that there is still some room for innovation in this genre. Nevertheless, The Occult's debut is far from being the reinvention of the meatgrinder. Still, it is a very entertaining release for everyone who has had enough of The Misfits and their ex-members becoming more pathetic with every new day.

Sinner Sinners - Hanging On
(09:11, EP, Digital, Cadavra Records, 19/08/2022)
While working on their fifth full-length album, Los Angeles-based band Sinner Sinners has released a very special EP. Those who know the Califinornian band know that their sound will turn every situation into a party. Now with "Hanging On", this feature is brought to a new level. With their dynamic and energetic Garage, Punk, and Mod sound Sinner Sinners present cover versions of Eddie Floyd's 'Big Bird', The Supremes' 'Keep me hanging on', and The Cure's 'Jumping someone else's Train'.
Not much can be sad about this amazing album other than turn up that volume and let the celebration commence.

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