Mango Monday Mixtape #051

 First of all, and because it cannot be said often enough:

нет войны | ні війні | No War

How to help the people in Ukraine


 Mango Monday Mixtape #051

 Twelve great tracks to start the new week with. If available, the songs will be added to the MangoRotation playlist (MR) on Spotify.

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The Melmacs - Stage Fright (MR)
77 Punk / Power Pop - Dresden, Germany

Anxious Wave - Complex Needs (MR)
Post Punk / Noise - Providence, RI, USA

Baby Shakes - Really really (MR)
Power Pop / Garage Rock - Brooklyn, NY, USA

inca babies - But not this Time (MR)
Garage Rock / Post Punk - Manchester, England

Wedge - Blood Red Wine (MR)
Heavy Prog / Psychedelic Stoner Rock - Berlin, Germany

electric orange - Season of the Bitch (MR)
Krautrock / Psychedelic Rock - Aachen, Germany

Vibraciones Na Virtuosas - Planetary Collapse
Psychedelic Rock / Space Rock - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Goodbye Viking - Go Go Gadget Anxiety Attack (MR)
Pop Punk / Skate Punk - Seattle, WA, USA

The Elecvnts - Bitchcraft (MR)
Post Punk / Punk Rock - Tacoma, WA, USA

The Bitter Ex Lovers - Payback (MR)
Garage Rock / Punk'n'Roll - Tacoma, WA, USA

Ekectric Frankenstein - Everybody's dead again (MR)
Punkabilly / Punk'n'Roll - New Jersey, USA

Stretch Arm Strong - For now (MR)
Hardcore / Hardcore Punk - Columbia, SC, USA

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