Single Review: Madison Deaver - Denim (2022)

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Madison Deaver – Denim
Release Date: August 05, 2022
Duration: 03:13
Indie Rock / Punk Rock
Los Angeles, CA, USA


On her latest single, Madison Deaver from Los Angeles shows her audience several analogies between jeans and the way we treat other people, ourselves, our memories, and more. Jeans, once invented by Bavarian Jewish immigrant Levi Strauß stand for resilience, sustainability, ruggedness, persistence, and of course for style and taste. We wear our denim in all sizes and lengths, in all shapes and colours, stone-washed, used-looking, and what-not.
Denim can outlive relationships, episodes, and even lives. A pair of jeans can be more consistent than whole passages of the lives of those who wear them, and they can even be inherited and therefore outlive a generation.
We can treat our denim trousers with love and respect, we can embrace every little crack or snag, we patch them up, or we can simply throw them away for their flaws – just as we do with people, feelings, memories, or even ourselves. Just like with denim, we can accept change in other people, we can even embrace and support it – or we ca take it as a reason for saying farewell.

Californian rising star Madison Deaver who has previously enchanted our hearing with energetic and brutally honest Indie Rock and Pop Punk has put her thoughts on analogies similar to those on a dynamically rolling Punk’n’Roll anthem. ‘Denim’ is the kind of banging hymn that moves your whole body once it begins. Hips, feet, arms and head immediately become one with this thrilling beat, and whatever you ride when listening will automatically change for the fast lane. Trousers are no necessity for enjoying this powerful banger which is by far the greatest release by talented artist Madison Deaver so far. By combining 1970s Hard Rock and Punk Rock with contemporary Indie Rock and refining it with her very own note, Madison Deaver has hereby provided a banging tune that is as timeless and as various as denim jeans themselves.

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