Concert Review: Death by Horse / The Bloodstrings / The Sensitives @Immerhin Würzburg, 28/11/2019

Let me tell you about the kick-ass Punk Rock Show I attended yesterday. The Sensitives, The Bloodstrings, and Death by Horse played at the Immerhin in Würzburg on their Female Fronted Boy Bands Tour. This is the story of three concerts, around three hours of amazing Punk Rock and  apparently more than three bottles of beer.

Death by Horse
Introduced by France Gall's biggest hit Death by Horse entered the stage. The Swedish power quartet jumped into action immediately and singer Jahna spent most of the time in front of the stage. Amongst the front rows of people and moshpits she directed the concert perfectly and with sheer power.
As far as I can tell, their song 'Dear Jim' was played with an alternative ending which I liked a lot. The looped chorus filled the whole venue, and at latest with their smasher "'Straight Edge' the band totally killed it. Also, during 'Burning the Witches' the probably smoothest change of guitars in the history of Punk Rock was undertaken.
Another highlight was the hommage towards Wu-Tang 'Death by Horse ain't nuthin' to fukk wit' - a hilarious intermission! A more serious song was 'Cancer' with its emotional piano-backed atmosphere. Here especially, Jahna's singing voice reminded me of Dolores O'Riordan.
As it was to be expected, Death by Horse's pro-vegan hymn 'Cowtittysuckingfuckingmenstruationeatingfreaks' was celebrated by the audience. Their amazing show ended with guitar player and bass player swapping their instruments for the encore song 'Bite it, you scum!' - a fantastic interpretation of the Murderjunkies' most famous track.
If you are interested in reading my review on the band's second album "Reality hits hard", you'll find it here in English or German.

The Bloodstrings
Next on stage was the German Punkabilly, Surf and Punk band The Bloodstrings. Hardly have I ever experienced Billy music carried by such intensity and force. The Bloodstrings played an amazing show and I was sheerly amazed by the strength they combined with feet-moving tunes.
There were plenty of great highlights of which I can only recap a few. First, Daniel from the audience received his birthday greetings alongside with the message that Punk Rok was over once you're 30 - glad that isn't true!
The upright bass got in the focus once singer Celina climbed on it during the show. Later the bass player joined the crowd in the moshpit with his instrument. I doubt that you get to see this every then and when.
The Bloodstrings played their Punkabilly-Thrash Metal-Hardcore Punk Rock Show confidently, and songs such as 'the fast one' made the crowd go crazy. Before the encore a strong call was made against right-wing, neo-nazi movements and their advocates, such as the German AfD and other dicks.

The Sensitives
Swedish trio The Sensitives opened up with some casual and dynamic 77 Punk and Garage Rock. It was impossible not to move my feet and hips as soon as they started playing. Without any trace of a compromise the band went started through with their straight and strong melodic style.
At Midnight it was time to celebrate another birthday. Fitting the occasion The Sensitives played the very deep song 'drunk as fuck'. In general The Sensitives presented a gorgeous massacre of fast music - as if Asta Kask and Ebba Grön merged on a Rock'n'Roll and Skatepunk party.
Another thing I really loved was the song 'Raise my Voice' - a strong and meaningful call against transphobia and homophobia. In the end the stage got crowded as first Death by Horse joined The Sensitives for one song, and then as The Sensitives' singer Paulina was joined by Celina and Jahna for the encore 'Jolene'. I will never again say that Jack White covered Dolly Parton the best - this was beautiful!

What a night! I am very happy that I could witness these amazing shows.
All the best and shoutouts to everyone involved in this. Stay safe, and hopefully see you again soon!


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