Discoveries of the Week: 29 July - 04 August 2020

Dom Clark Trio - The Exception
(Indie Rock/Funk from London, England) 

Hazel - Occupy my Sun
(Dream Pop/Synth Pop from London, England) 

ÆUR - Lustral
(Indie Rock from New York (New York), USA) 

Sylvette - Kelpius
(Post Punk/Indie from Manchester, England) 

Ogopogo - Moth
(Disco/Funk from Melbourne, Australia) 

Firetail - So skinny
(Psychedelic Jazz from Melbourne, Australia) 

Calm - Is there anybody alive out there?
(Synth Pop/Indie Rock from London, England)

Get Jealous - Holidays
(Indie Rock/Garage Rock from Enschede, The Netherlands) 

(Punk Rock/Garage Rock from Blackpool, England) 

(Alternative Rock from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), USA) 

Brave Armadillo - Paradigm
(Psychedelic Rock/ Prog Rock from Minneapolis (Minnesota), USA)

Whims - Crosstown
(Post Rock/Prog Rock from Brooklyn (New York), USA)

Homunculus Res - In Girum
(Avant-Pop from Palermo, Italy)

Penfriend - Everything looks normal in the Sunshine
(Indie Pop from Bristol, England)

Slift - Ummon
(Krautrock/Psychedelic Punk from ???)


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