Single Review: Illegal I - Voice of Resistance (2020)

Picture Credit: Illegal I

Illegal I - Voice of Resistance
Release: August 01, 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 04:18

About one year ago Illegal I had their first appearance on this site.
This summer, as weird as it is, is getting a new soundtrack by the sympathetic band from Bavaria. With "Voice of Resistance" Illegal I have created the anthem for everyone who is fighting for their own and other people's rights.
And just to assure you, Illegal I are not supporting teh fact-denying, tin foil hat-wearing, alternative right-wing protesters. This is about fighting for freedom, equality, emancipation, and a society in which we can all peacefully live together - no matter, what colour, gender, origin or favourite ice cream flavour.

Let's have a cloer look on the musical realization of this hymn for peace and liberation. The first half of the song is defined by powerful, fast and dynamic Hard Rock. Like on their debut album "Illegal Eye", Illegal I implement Blues Rock and Stoner Rock motifs which give their music some extra momentum.
And then there's a rough break that introduces a heavily slapping Funk bass. This gorgeous bridge leads into the less heavier second part which reminds me a lot of the Alternative Rock written by Muse.
Picture Credit: Illegal I

Let there be Rock'n'Roll!
Let there be a peaceful revolution!
Let there be a better future!
And let everybody hear the "Voice of Resistance"!

Illegal I Online:


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