Album Review: Acid Mess - Sangre de otros mundos (2020)


Picture Credit: Acid Mess
Artwork: Héctor Castañón - Ossobüko

Acid Mess - Sangre de otros mundos
Release Date: November 06, 2020
Label: Spinda Records
Format: Vinyl / Cassette / CD / Digital
Length: 48:06
Genre: Psychedelic Rock / Psychedelic Prog
Origin: Oviedo (Uviéu), Spain

"Sangre de otros mundos" means "Blood from other worlds". I cannot tell for sure if this is Castellano or Asturianu. From my restricted Central European perspective it is nevertheless one of the languages spoken in Spain.
Anyways, "Sangre de otros mundos" is the third album by Acid Mess from Oviedo (or Uviéu or Asturianu) in the North Spanish region of Asturia. The album is available via Andalusian label Spinda Records. And here you should press play on the video below and take some notes. Both, the band Acid Mess, and the label Spinda Records are worth keeping in mind.

Acid Mess play stunning 70s style (Neo-) Psychedelic Rock with a strong Prog Rock impact and some very uniquie twists. Take the outstanding track 'Hijos del Sol' ('Children of the Sun') for example. The driving play of Juan Villamils synthies and keyboards reminds me of the time when Krautrock merged into Neue Deutsche Welle in 1980s Germany.
Another gorgeous feature are the percussions and palmas played by Sergio Pavida. The dynamic patterns add a certain air of afrobeat or jungle to the sound - amazing!

Basically, the musical landscape on this beautiful work is defined by relaxed and laidback rhythms, smooth sounds and a certain tendency towards eclecticism. Acid Mess know how to hypnotize their audience, but they definitely can make your body move as well. The coda of the final track 'Infierno gris' ('Gray Hell') for example invites the listeners to a final dance before the album is over.

Picture Credit: Acid Mess
Photo: Ossobüko

"Sangre de otros mundos" is a 48-minute séance for psychedelic experiences. Dive into the mesmerizing sound of Acid Mess and enjoy the bright colours with your third eye. This is an amzing album. Not only fans of AyahuascA or Goldray will highly enjoy this one.

Line up on "Sangre de otros mundos":
Juan Villamil - synths and keys,
Antonia Tamargo - drums and backing vocals,
Borja Vázquez - bass and vocals,
Miguel Ruiz - guitars and vocals.

Sergio Pevida - percussions and palmas,
Aurora Salazar - vocals on 'El reflejo de su piel' and 'Salvaje historia',
Débola Hernández - vocals on 'El reflejo de su piel' and 'Salvaje historia'.

Acid Mess Online:


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