Album Review: Litterbug - Abstract Melodies saying terrible Things (2020)

Picture Credit: Litterbug

Litterbug - Abstract Melodies saying terrible Things
Release Date: April 12, 2020
Label: Just Say No To Government Music
Format: Vinyl / CD / Digital
Length: 35:46
Genre: 77 Punk Rock / Surf Rock
Origin: Blackpool, England

After a few moments of listening to this album I got overwhelmed by a cocktail of emotions. First, there was pure joy. Then, there was the immediate urge stage-dive into a moshpit of a small-venue punk rock show. Followingly, there was thirst for cheap beer. And after some reflection there was melancholy because the last punk rock show has been a long time. Seriously, 2020, screw you!

Enough for the moaning. Here's Litterbug from Blackpool.
On their newest release "Abstract Melodies say terrible Things" they indulge our ears with butt-kicking 77 style Punk Rock that is influenced by the dynamics of Surf Rock and the rustling sound of Grunge. Litterbug's music is situated at the ideal verge between professionalism and dilettantism. Heck yeah, that's punk as fork! Each of the sixteen tracks is an invitation to some sweaty pogo dancing and beer-laden afterparties.

Litterbug's music has some similarity to 77 Punk legends Schoolgirl Bitch and partially they remind me of The Adicts. For me, they belong into the same playlist (or even better, on the same stage!) as The Scoffs, The Daves, Christmas, and Capital Youth.

Litterbug Online:


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