Album Review: Froglord - Amphibian Ascending (2020)


Picture Credit: Froglord
Artwork: Steven Yoyada

Froglord - Amphibian Ascending
Release Date: November 06, 2020
Label: Fuzzy Cracklins / The Swamp Records
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 47:28
Genre: Doom Metal / Sludge / Stoner Metal
Origin: Bristol, England

My first encounter with Bristol's Froglord was on the amazing YouTube channel of 666MrDoom. I was astonished by the bizarre mix of Sludge, Doom Metal and frog costumes. I am even happier that on this Bandcamp Day I can pesent their first full-length release "Amphibian Ascending" to you.

On the surface, Froglord's first album is an eight-track work of pitch black Doom Metal, Stoner Metal  and Sludge. But once you dig into it, you will realize that "Amphibian Ascending" is way more than just another doomed and stoned CD.

But let's start with the music. Heavy Doom Metalr riffs stomp forward like a two-pound bullfrog approaching its prey. The swampy Blues motifs create a gloomy Sludge atmosphere à la Electric Wizard. And then there is that Sabbath-like air of Stoner Doom. You will happy freak out in slow motion if you enjoy bands like Puresonic Outcasts.

"Amphibian Ascending" sounds like the Lord of the Swamp is marching through his territory. The fuzzy sounds are extremely menacing as the growled vocals spread nothing but darkness. In songs such as the title track there are hypnotizing background vocals that remind of black masses and the summoning of demons.

And that's exactly what makes Froglord more than just a Doom and Sludge band. The Froglord is a cult, is a new entity that will decide on the future of life on our planet. The Amphibian Deity has ascended from the swamps.
Repent! Hypno Toad was a fraud! The Froglord Cometh!
Bow down before our new green divinity who will bring us chaos, ooze, and hopefully some tasty flies. It is obvious that the black and gloomy sky of Doom Metal has been enriched by a new star.
Listen to the track below and you will know what to do

Froglord Online:


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