Fresh Mango: June 03, 2022

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8 new releases that are worth checking out!
8 short reviews.
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Dez Dare - The Scream, My Head is so Full I Can't Dream (MR)
(05:30, Single, Digital, CH!MP Noise, 27/05/2022)
Welcome to the internet, the place where you can be anyone and anything you want, where you can express and repeat a lie so often you might even believe it yourself. Somewhere between self-optimization, doom-scrolling, research blogging, it becomes obvious how loud the social media feeds scream at us. And they yell at us with the combined voices that tell us they desire silence.
Brighton's Dez Dare has musicked these noisy yearns for calm in the new single 'They Scream, My Head is so Full I Can't Dream'. The Garage Rock and Noise anti-anthem for social media comes with the melancholic B-Side 'Our Eternal Chaosity', a Post Punk sermon that fits the single perfectly.

Hellevaerder - In de Nevel van Afgunst (MR)
(39:48, Album, Vinyl/CD/Cassette/Digital, selfrelease/Zwaertgevegt, 01/06/2022)
Hellevaerder (Dutch: Hell Fare) from Heerhugowaard, Netherlands have released their first full-length album "In de Nevel van Afgunst" ("In the Mist of Envy"). On seven tracks, the quintet around vocalist Miranda Visser shoots pitch black hails of arrows made from sardonic and atmospheric Black Metal. Their lyrics presented in the band's mother tongue Dutch, Hellevaerder tell of envy, greed, and the hellish swamps that these chasms can drag us into.

Oatumn - Melomania (MR)
(25:28, EP, Cassette/Digital, My Ruin, 01/06/2022)
Oatumn from German town Münster invite us to a fantastic journey through time. By combining Shoegaze, Post Punk, Wave, and Indie Rock, the quartet lets us skip back and forth between the 1980s and 90s. Sweet melancholia and passionate feelings take each others' hands s Oatumn magically create a colourful dancefloor made from flickering squares and triangles.
The seven songs on "Melomania" are an intense trip to an era that seems so free from sorrow. The EP is furthermore an invitation to an ecstatic celebration of the one life we have.

The Ballet Bombs - Mutations (MR)
(20:09, EP, Vinyl/Digital, Noisolution, 06/05/2022)
The Ballet Bombs from Dutch town Eindhoven know how to combine styles that do not seem compatible at first. Their debut EP's first track 'Fliediefatsie' alone is defined by wild transitions from upbeat Krautrock to massive Fuzz attacks into swampy spheres that border to Doom Metal and back. With sympathetic ease, they build their very own concept of Alternative Rock that does not omit Grunge passages as in the track 'Leave my Head' or fuzzy invitations to dance as in 'Oh, Girl!'. The whole EP was recorded live and it is exactly what the band name makes us a assume: a fusion of a ballet dancer's grace and a bomb's destructive energy.

Druids - Shadow Work (MR)
(49:30, Album, Vinyl/CD/Digital, Pelagic Records, 03/06/2022)
"Shadow Work" is the fourth longplayer by trio Druids from Des Moines, Iowa, and it is a genuine masterpiece of versatile and epic music. The three musicians invite us to a fantastic world similar to ours. Thrilling fiction is told via heavy Sludge, intelligent Prog, dynamic Stoner Rock, and psychedelic Space Rock. An album on which neither the heavyweight Sludge and Doom song 'Ide's oan' nor the Progressive Post Rock anthem 'Hide' appear misplaced, speaks for the band's skills.

Fierce Shook - Astro Turf War (MR)
(02:19, Single, Digital, selfrelease, 03/06/2022)
Outside of Ireland, the town Tullamore is probably best know for a whiskey brand which is nowadays being produced in Middleton. Those who know Ireland a bit better might know that Tullamore is the furthest point from any beach on the Esmerald Isle. Nevertheless, the real reason why Tullamore is interesting here, is that it is home to Fierce Shook, a band who have just released their latest single 'Astro Turf War'. The two-minute banger is a dynamic surfboard ride through asteroid fields and intergalactic dog fights. Everyone board the space vessel for this great Garage Attic Punk tune.

The Venomous Pinks - Vita Mors (MR)
(27:14, Album, Vinyl/CD/Digital, SBÄM Records, 03/06/2022)
"Anything you do, we do it better!", hell yes! The Venomous Pinks from Mesa, Arizona present a full-throttle sweeping blow made from fast and melodic Punk Rock. Snotty and raw bangers like the anthem against arrogant arseholes 'We do it better', melancholic Punk ballads like 'Broken Hearts Club', or wrecking balls like the Hardcore Punk hymn 'Todos Unidos' form a monster of an album. The Venomous Pinks are direct, sensual, steadfast, and motivating.

Patroness - Fatum (MR)
(55:10, Album, Vinyl/CD/Digital, Necktwister, 04/06/2022)
And last but not least, here is "Fatum", the debut album by quintet Patroness from Antwerp, Belgium. For almost one hour, the band provides their audience with a sound that resembles a swarm of demons attacking our world. Sonorous and heavyweight Sludge is paired with raging Black Metal and thus, icy blizzards and infernal flames merge to an everdestructing power.

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