Single Review: 9 o'clock nasty - Team Player (2022)

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9 o'clock nasty - Team Player
Release Date: June 25, 2022
Duration: 02:41
Genre: Garage Rock / Post Punk
Origin: Leicester, England

Now, take a close look at your own talents, qualifications, preferences and ideals, and then say who are you in a team? Are you the backbone, the goalkeeper whom the defender can rely on when they did not stop the opponent fast-forward, the person who does not hesitate getting their hands dirty when necessary, the tower of strength? Or are you the catalyst and helpf assistant, the libero who plays that one golden pass to the offense that changes the game within seconds, the reliant middle-person who transforms raw information into media ready for the journals and papers? Or maybe you are the goalhanger whose main job is standing at the right position once during the game and once when the interviewers come, the manager who has not lifted a finger in months but self-confidently represents their employees whom they hardly know?
If you have issues identifying with either of these characters, then this song is for you. This is 'Team Player' by Leicester's three lone wolves and happy individuals Pete, Ted and Sydd - 9 o'clock nasty. This is the song for those who would rather saw off their left foot than participating in their company's annual staff outing at the climbing garden. If you rather boo at your own team than lacing your baseball glove, here is the anthem you have been waiting for your whole life:

Without beating about the bush, 9 o'clock jump in medias with a heavweight steam roller of a verse. Bass and drums create that Garage Rock and Post Punk sound that you need when going your own way - elbows out, head bowed, targeting your aim, no opponent and no team member can get in your way.
With sharp bends, the guitar decorates the main riff. Those are not sounds of evading obstacles. These bends help you to take a run-up and knock the obstacles over. Who is getting in your way? Right, noone and nothing!
Then there is that anthemic beast of a bridge that every anti-team player can use to celebrate themselves. A little dance leads into the chorus which was made for raising all of your fists and shouting along with 9 o'clock nasty's "Team Player! Real Team Player!"

Compared to recetnt releases by 9 'clock nasty, 'Team Player' is a rather minimalist tune - a good horse only jumps as high as it needs to, as we say in German. Minimal effort for maximal success would be another way to say it.
Like the protagonist of their new single, the trio from Leicester does not take detours or make unneccessary stops. And this is what makes 'Team Player' so great: it is a straight-to-the-point banger, the perfect anthem fo your individual workout.


This coverage was created via Musosoup #Sustainablecurator

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