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Picture Credit: Heartfalls

Heartfalls - Heartfalls
Release Date: June 15, 2022
Duration: 02:45
Genre: Post Metal / Post Rock
Origin: Queens, NY, USA

Heartfalls is a product of its age. Based on the remains of the currently defunct metal band Ashes Forever. Rising from its, ehem, ashes, Heartfalls became a new outlet for Matt Dillon on drums and Josh Williams on guitar and bass. The newly-created band explores different territories, pretty far from the tech-metal agenda - it is post rock in its purest form, inspired by the titans of the genre like Caspian, Boards of Canada and Pelican.
To this day Heartfalls remains a mysterious act, with little to no backstory behind it; and a single recorded track under the name 'Endless Year'. The artwork for it is an abstract black and white photo. Taking into consideration the instrumental nature of this work, it’s hard to get the message behind it, so I suppose we are experiencing it as an aesthetic composition.

The music produced by the duo is some very fundamental post rock with a stronger lean toward guitar rock/blues. It is slow, dramatic, and bleak. Bittersweet melodic constructions are played upon the simplistic drumming with minimum variety. What creates the band’s signature sound is the use of guitar heroes’ licks and features. The track is also unusually short - 2.45, which sets the feeling of library music or a soundtrack for a movie scene.
Heartfalls shows some potential to become much bigger than just a band born from COVID-related isolation. Hope this (endless) year will show what’s next to come.

Text by Dmitriy Churilov

Heartfalls Online:

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