Album Review: Honeybadger - Pleasure Delayer (2020)


Picture Credit: Honeybadger
Artwork: A. D. Visions

Honeybadger - Pleasure Delayer
Release: September 18, 2020 (Digital), November 01, 2020 (Vinyl)
Label: Made of Stone Recordings
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Length: 34:05
Genre: Heavy Rock / Desert Rock
Origin: Athens, Greece

I must say, I am really delighted with the amount of great music I receive from Greece. Today, another awesome band from the southern European country will be reviewed. Let me introduce you Honeybadger, a quartet from Athens. Dimitris Vardoulakis (vocals and guitars), Dimitris Giannakopoulos (guitar), Dimitris Yannopoulos (bass), and Dimitr... err Vaggelis Oikunomou (drums and percussions) have recently released their first full-length album "Pleasure Delayer". Further support was given by Stephanie Stephanides who wrote the lyrics for the songs 'Holler' and 'Good for Nothing'.

Honeybadger were founded in 2014 and have so far published a four-track EP called "The Rain" and two singles announcing their first album. "Pleasure Delayer" features eight tracks of heavily rolling Desert Rock. And as you might guess, the Fuzz is strong with the four musicians from Athens.
Powerful Blues Rock structures steadily mill forward like the chains of a Merkava tank while distorted leads decorate the movement in an honest rock n roll manner. The massive bass-laden arrangements are completed by gorgeous harmonies and the forceful vocals that fit the environment perfectly.

The heavy Desert Rock presented by Honeybadger is highly uplifting and motivating. I'd draw some parallels to releases by Germany Heavy Rockers VUG, Sweden's Blues Rockers Brutus or American Desert Rock legends such as Fu Manchu or Kyuss. Also, fans of Daily Thompson will most likely enjoy Honeybadger's first full-length.

"Pleasure Delayer" is one of those albums you can listen to from beginning to end, and then simply turn the record around to give it another spin. Listen to Honeybadger's album while enjoying a big glass of your preferred beverage, close your eyes, and you can taste the desert heat. This album deserves the predicate "auditive drug".

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