Album Review: Strange New Dawn - Planet System (2020)

Picture Credit: Strange New Dawn

Strange New Dawn - Planet System
Release: September 01, 2020
Label: Death to Music
Format: CD/Digital
Length: 74:13
Genre: Prog Metal / Doom Metal
Origin: KristiansandNorway

Twins ExBotteri (guitar, e-bow) and C:MBotteri (bass), both ex-members of Green Carnation and In the Woods... founded Strange New Dawn some years ago and released their debut album "The only one" in 2015. Together with Sven Rothe (drums), Muld (piano, keys), and ExRoyal (vocals) the sophomore longplayer was recorded and recenty published via Death to Music.

"Planet System" contains thirteen tracks of mostly mid-tempo Prog Metal and Prog Rock. But it wouldn't be Strange New Dawn if those were the only influences defining their music. Ice cold atmosphere is carried by piano and keyboards, while bass, guitar and drum let sedated Doom Metal merge with Black Metal stakkati. The vocals on the other hand create an opulent narrative which is mesmerizing and compelling at the same time.
Picture Credit: Strange New Dawn

It is an album I had to find my way into when I first listened to. One may draw some parallels to Primordial without the Pagan Metal influence or Attilla's Mayhem combined with Candlemass. Some kind of Eclectic Black Doom maybe? Definitely progressive and sophisticated.

"Planet System" is a gorgeous album for a starry night and a camp fire under the open sky. Alternatively, it is the perfect sound to listen to before Earth gets struck by a meteor. Without doubt, this is an artistic and demanding release which will not please everyone. It convinced me anyways.

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