EP Review: Episodios Anarquistas - Diez Cuadros Por Minuto (2020)

Picture Credit: Episodios Anarquistas
Artwork: Nico Mezca

Episodios Anarquistas - Diez Cuadro Por Minuto
Release: September 11, 2020
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 14:45
Genre: Experimental / Funk / Noise
Origin: Buenos Aires, Argentina


There are many artists or bands and their music that are easy to describe. And there are bands like Episodios Anarquistas, the Freakshow trio from Buenos Aires. Their first EP is called "Diez Cuadro Por Minuto" (Spanish: "ten frames/pictures per minute") and contains ten songs, none of them longer than two minutes. And music-wise? Well, it is a savage but sohpisticated mixture of Funk, Noise and madness.

On the surface there are funky riffs and licks. Those are built upon a raging jazzy drumset and dance along glitchy Noise, atmospheric soundscapes and artistic intermezzi. Even though the ten songs only last between 60 and 120 seconds each, tension is constantly built up and the tracks are super dynamic. And yes, it is weird. It is super weird. But it is a very convenient and gorgeous form of weird.

Episodios Anarquistas are Agustín Mendez (synths), Sebastián Padovani (drum), and Federico Mocchegiani (guitars, synths, samples). The final track 'Sustancial Tóxico' features guest musician Maurex Pustelnik on seaboard - an instrument I had to look up.
I am highly delighted by the sounds created by the Argentinan trio. There is no other way to decribe this than by saying that this is art. Funky, glitchy and freaky art.

Episodios Anarquistas Online:

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