Album Review: Montecharge - Demons or someone else (2019)


Picture Credit: Montecharge
Artwork: Giganto

Montecharge - Demons or someone else
Release: December 27, 2019
Label: Violence in the Veins
Format: Vinyl / CD / Digital
Length: 36:04
Genre: Sludge / Post Hardcore
Origin: Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva's Montecharge have been around for quite some time. In late 2019 they finally released their debut LP via Spanish label Violence in the Veins. The output is an 11-track album with a very interesting (or artistic) order of songs. The eight songs are numbered XVIII, XIV, XII, XV, XVI, XVII, XIX, XX. Furthermore, there are three tracks called 'Atone' which are ordered II, I, III. Maybe, I just don't get it, or this is pure nihilism. Either way, it does not mar the quality of "Demons or someone else" a bit.

Montecharge serve us a violent but sophisticated melange of Blackened Sludge, Noise and Post Hardcore. Brachial riffs are interrupted by intelligent breakdowns while intonation and accentuation create powerful dynamics by shifting and fluctuating. Two major features of the sound are grinding psychedelic sounds created by David Gerber on synthesizers and noise machines, and the powerful Hardcore shouts by vocalist Quentin Bocquel.

Responsible for the (Blackened) Sludge and Post Hardcore sounds are mostly Wladislas Marian (guitar) and Edward Hay (drums and vocals). Together they build huge walls of sound, fast like gatlin gun fire, darker than the night, pointy and cold like sharpened icicles.
Partially, the music on "Demons or someone else" reminds me of Sweden's "Grace.Will.Fall" or French Blackened Crust Punkers Celeste. Montecharge are like a zigzagging tank raging over a nocturne battlefield and leaving behind nothing but hot ashes. This is amazing pitch-black and brutal art.

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