EP Review: After Earth - Before it awakes (2020)


Picture Credit: After Earth

After Earth - Before it awakes
Release: September 18, 2020
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 18:00
Genre: Melodic Death Metal / Groove Metal
Origin: Skövde, Sweden

Swedish quintet After Earth has released their debut EP. Since there are several bands with that name, it is important to say that we are talking about After Earth from Skövde, Sweden. Also, the band should not be confused with 2013's film by M. Night Shyamalan.
After Earth were founded in 2017 by Anton Vehkaperä (drums), Marcus Rydstedt (vocals) and Victor Lundblad (guitar). It did not take long until Rob Olsson (guitar) and Oscar Lindberg (bass) completed the band.

The first EP by Skövde's Metal export is a five-track release introduced by melodic instrumental 'Embers'. But once the last note has faded out, After Earth show what they are after. The following four tracks are defined by heavily grooving and melodic Death Metal. Tough riffs roll forward with ice cold movement. Partially, there are some Metalcore-like breaks in the Groove sphere.

The track 'Into Demise' (video above) ruffs with its versatility of styles and genres while always staying true to the Melodic Death Metal sound. Most outstanding are the guitar leads that add to the intense soundscape. Also, Marcus' growls and screams are often chanted in a very melodic way which pleases the ear.

After Earth's "Before it awakes" is a release that restores hope in Melodic Death Metal. I can imagine listeners of Nordic Folk Metal, Black Metal or Old School Death Metal enjoying this EP, too. Looking forward to seeing what this band is up to in the future.

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