Album Review: Liquid Therapy - Breathe (2020)


Picture Credit: Liquid Therapy

Liquid Therapy - Breathe
Release: September 12, 2020
Label: selfrelease
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 50:05
Genre: Hard Rock
Origin: Belgium

Let me introduce you to Liquid Therapy. The Belgian quuntet consists of Hans van den Hende (bass), Luc van Dyck (drums), Davy Gheerardyn (guitar), Gino Lippens (guitar), and Bart Costenoble (vocals).After releasing several Singles, their debut album is finally here. On ten tracks Liquid Therapy present some tough and honest Hard Rock.

Heavy and metallic riffs rage in mid-tempo accompanied by massive rhythms. The vocals are clean but intense. If I was asked what autochthonous Hard Rock should sound like, I'd play Liquid Therapy as a great example. Interersting is, how bass and guitars create very fluent dynamics even when the drums play somping beats.

This is Rock'n'Roll as fuck! "Breathe" is music for the stadiums and big open air stages with stunning light shows. Play this CD at a pool or garden party and your guests will celebrate like crazy. Also, my favourite track 'I don't care' is the ideal hymn for a night out with no regrets.
Partially, the music reminds me of early Soundgarden. Nevertheless, Liquid Therapy have the potential to become a rising star in the Hard Rock sky.

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