Album Review: Corners of Sanctuary - Heroes never die (2020)


Picture Credit: Corners of Sanctuary
Artwork: A Creations Productions

Corners of Sanctuary - Heroes never die
Release Date: October 30, 2020
Label: RFL Records
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 39:31
Genre: Heavy Metal
Origin: Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), USA

Corners of Sanctuary were formed in 2011. Nine years later they have already released their seventh longplayer. That I was I would productivity and an high-paced output. The band's mission is to keep Metal alive - and not just any kind of Metal. Corners of Sanctuary play New Wave of Traditional American Heavy Metal, or NWoTAHM.

On a dozen tracks Corners of Sanctuary present a rough and rolling version of tradtional Heavy Metal. The tempi are not too fast, instead they focus on grooving rhythms and shifted offbeat patterns. Each song sounds like a hymn that reminds us of the glorious dawn of Heavy Metal. "Heroes never die" is the release to put your leather jacket on and either hit the road or do a long-ass pub crawl.

Corners of Sanctuary bring us back to the era when Accept, Saxon and (early) Kiss defined the cutting edge of heavy music. "Heroes never die" is a nostalgic album, but is nevertheless outdated. Let's hope that Heavy Metal will never die, so we can always enjoy heavily rolling releases like this one.

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