Album Review: Cowards and Thieves - Bread and Circuses (2020)


Picture Credit: Cowards and Thievese

Cowards and Thieves - Bread and Circuses
Release: October 02, 2020
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 15:16
Genre: Doom Metal / Sludge / Grunge
Origin: South Florida, USA

On Bandcamp Day October 02, 2020, Cowards and Thieves are presenting something very special. Their newest release "Bread and Circuses" is much more than just a short album. Let's begin with the sheer madness of different styles the band merges into one sonorous package. The gloomy atmosphere of Doom Metal comes together with the brutal intensity of Kylesa-like Sludge and dissolves itself into the dark motion of Seattle's finest export product.
Kind of  feels like Soundgarden and 16 met for a jam eighteen minutes before the planet exploded. Gorgeous!

Now, if you have clicked on the video above you might think "Wow, that's a long ass music video". Cowards and Thieves have directed a whole short film to which their album is the film music. Or they directed a video emphasizing the moods of their album. Nevertheless, I recommend you to take about eighteen minutes of your time and watch. I will only tell you that much: it's worth it!

"Breads and Circuses" is a powerful release full of darkness and dynamics. Cowards and Thieves have created an soulful and brachial wrecking ball.

Cowards and Thieves Online:


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