Album Review: Habitar La Mar - Comedia Yoica (2020)


Picture Credit: Habitar La Mar
Artwork: The Braves Church

Habitar La Mar - Comedia Yoica
Release: February 02, 2020
Label: Violence in the Veins
Format: Vinyl / CD / Digital
Length: 20:53
Genre: Noise / Sludge / Alternative
Origin: Jaén, Spain

Habitar La Mar from North East Andalucía have released their latest album "Comedia Yoica" before the first lockdown. So let's all remember there was a time with stuff like live gigs, moshpits and so on.
Whether "Comedia Yoica" is an EP or an album I don't wanna argue. Nevertheless, with ~20 minutes of sound it is a rather small release. But don't judge a record by its length. Those 20:53 are crammed with intense sound.

"Comedia Yoica" contains seven tracks on which Habitar La Mar present a savage and eclectic mix of styles. Grinding noise sounds create the backbone of this release. Atop of this there are intense riffs and breaks that can be listed under Sludge for the most part. And finally, Habitar La Mar build up a tense and dark atmosphere that reminds of the gloomy days of Alternative Rock.

Another interesting feature is the use of several forms of vocals here. Often the Spanish lyrics are presented in stunning narrative. Sustained screams and shouts provide further tension. Also, the release features guest appearance by vocalists Anxela Baltar (Bala) in the song 'Fantasmas' and Donna Diane (Djunah) in 'Caos'. Diane's part are the only English vocals on "Comedia Yoica" by the way.

"Comedia Yoica" is an amazing Noise / Sludge / Alternative release. The songs are both catchy and artsy. The release makes me want to join a sweaty moshpit in a dark basement venue right now.
But I don't, because I feel responsible for the health of all of us. So, if you enjoy tense and rough sound, get yourseles a copy of this beauty.

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