Fresh Mango: January 25, 2022

 Fresh Mango

15 new releases that are worth checking out!
15 short reviews.
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Etienne Pelosoff - Tutu 2022 (MR)
In his latest single, extravagant artist Etienne Pelosoff from Paris, France lets the audience wander along a beautiful old town street at night. But between the cozy and gentle lights, the devil is searching for the protagonist's soul. As a result, this little narrative fits perfect for Etienne Pelosoff's eclectic mix of Black Metal and Jazz. Together with guest musicians Amélie G (drums), Romain Grudé (guitar), Fanny Themlin (percussions), and Rob Statham (bass solo), Etienne Pelosoff sets the streets on fire.
Listening recommendation: Watch out for blast beats, and when they come, celebrate them.

Amenra - De Doorn (Alternate Mix) (MR)
Last year's release "De Doorn" by Amenra from Kortrijk, Belgium is without doubt not only of the band's greatest outputs so far but also a monolith in the hall of fame for Post and Doom Metal. Recently, the band's first longplayer released on Relapse Records has received a new mix at Machine With Magnets Studio by Seth Manchester. In this 2022 version, the soundscapes express even more desolation and darkness than on the rather sonorous original.
Listening recommendation: Give both versions a spin

Gagmesharkoff - The Back-In Club Vol. 1
San Diego's one-person army is back with their first release of 2022. In the first part of "The Back-In Club", the Californian artist shoots merciless 1980s style Hardcore Punk at his audience. Besides ultrafast attacks as in 'Carnitas', Gagmesharkoff also shows off some off-beat Surf and Ska Punk as in 'Cool Boy & the Sunglasses Shark'. These are thirteen minutes of great entertainment.
Listening recommendation: 'Cooly Boy & The Sunglasses Shark', 'Nail Biter'

Arteaga / Wicca - Spell It Wicked For Satan
What a split! Arteaga from Santiago, Chile open with the furious and satanically blasting banger 'Le Amore Proibito' (Spanish: 'The forbidden Love'). Then their brethren from Buenos Aires, Argentina present the heavy ballad 'Magic Crystal', a fuzzladen killer hot enough to melt the arctic. And finally, the split ends with Arteaga's live recording of 'Espejo Roto' ('Broken Mirror').
Listening recommendation: Be sure to light 66 candles when listening

Teresa Banks / Cause A Riot - Split (MR)
And another split release. This one features the two Finnish Skate Punk and Melodic Hardcore bands Teresa Banks and Cause A Riot. The 7'' vinyl's A-Side contains the two fast tracks 'Until the End' and 'Rotten to the Core' by Helsinki-based quintet Teresa Banks. Cause A Riot from Järvenpää put on tempo on the B-Side and present a sound that combines traditional and modern Hardcore Punk.
Listening recommendation: This all killer no filler 7'' sounds best when on repeat

Browbeat - The Showdown (MR)
If you are looking for more Hardcore and music for boiling hot moshpit, then Browbeat's latest EP "The Showdown" will please you. On fifteen minutes, the band from Italian town Carpi destroys everything that comes in their way. The band's genius recipe combines 1980s East Coast Hardcore with modern Nu and Thrash Metal. The result is smashing.
Listenng recommendation: 'The Showdown', 'Slave New World (Sepultura Cover)'

The Baboon Show - Have a Party with me
Sweden's finest Punk Rock band are inviting us on a party. The new single comes with plenty of Rock'n'Roll and drinks en masse. A new 7'' EP will be out later this week, so be sure to watch out for what is to come.
Listening recommendation: Drink responsibly

Starboard - Abaia
In October 2021, the trio from Finnish town Oulu have released these three tracks and one interlude which together are "Abaia". Almost one hour of playtime is contained on this gigantous release on which the trio combines the darkest of all Jazz themes with the apocalyptic spheres of Doom Metal. This is the sound of drowning worlds. This enormous work will be available on CD via Narcoleptica Productions in April 2022, and it can be pre-ordered here.
Listening recommendation: 'Call me Ishmael', 'Abaia'

No Man's Valley - Strange Fruit (MR)
In the late 1930s, Billie Holiday sang 'Strange Fruit', a song composed by Abel Meeropol to protest racism and inequality in the United States of America and beyond. No Man's Valley from Dutch town Horst have recently covered this meaningful song and is thereby announcing their third longplayer which will be released via Tonzonen Records.

Beastial Piglord - Of Sky and Bone (MR)
North Carolina's Beastial Piglord are not here for short songs. Their latest album "Of Sky and Bone" features four tracks, each of them between ten and sixteen minutes long. Between Psychedelic Rock, Funk, Sludge, and Doom Metal, the band builds huge arcs of suspense and thereby maintains thrill and excitement over large time spans.
Listening recommendation: 'Staring at the Ceiling', 'Those wooden Arms'

Nightshot - El Mar
The celebrations for one decade of Spanish Hardcore made by Nightshot continue. The latest single release in this very special year for the band is 'El Mar'. Like previous single release, this brachial Hardcore anthem will be featured on the upcoming album "Venganza". The new track deals with migration which should be a human right.
Listening recommendation: Moshpit down the borders

Christ - Abhorre
The third longplayer by Christ from Montréal, Québec is a thirty-five-minute journey through the darkest spheres of our universe. The sonic void presented here is an emptiness crammed with obstacles, a dead silence so loud it hurts. The psychedelic soundscapes combine Ambient sounds with Drone, Doom, and hypnotizing effect, and they are thrilling from beginning to end.
Listening recommendation: 'Marrée Basse', 'Fission'

Träumer - Träumer
For around eleven minutes, Träumer put us into a very unique kind of trance. Träumer (German: Dreamer) play Hardcore Punk with a psychedelic note and full force. Fice tracks, none of them longer than 2:50 fill one side of a cassette distributed by 1753, and there is only one way to listen to them: loud!
Listening recommendation: Whole tape on repeat

Ennolicious - Social Breakdown (MR)
More Hardcore Punk, but this time mixed with the melodic and straightforward attitude of Skate Punk comes from Ennolicious. The band from Southwest Germany has released a five-track cassette last October that can be described as a compromiseless wrecking ball of sound. Ennolocious clearly state that there is no space for fascists, fake friends, capitalists, or other arseholes in their sphere.
Listening recommendation: 'This is our Place', 'Shots Fired'

Waano - Dolor.Gloria.Muerte (MR)
And lost but not least for this episode of Fresh Mango, Waano have recently released their EP "Dolor.Gloria.Muerte" (Spanish: "Pain.Glory.Death" via Violence in the Veins. The four-track EP is the first act of a bigger oeuvre to be revealed soon. The band's style called Brutalcore is a savage and merciless mix of Hardcore, Sludge, and brutality.
Listening recommendation: 'Bajo Tierra', 'Born/Nace'


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