Mango Monday Mixtape #025

 Mango Monday Mixtape #024

 Every Monday, I present a collection of 18 tracks that I find worth listening to. If the songs are available on Spotify, they will also be added to the MangoRotation playlist (MR) for 14 days. Yet, there will be no extra playlist.

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LestWeForget - Sleepwalking (MR)
Prog Metal / Modern Metal - Oxford, England

Bench Players - Goodbye to this fucking Year (MR)
Pop Punk / Skate Punk - Minsk, Belarus

The Loyal Cheaters - Surrender (MR)
Glam Rock / Hard Rock - Italy

Secret Agent - Stasi Romeo (MR)
Psychedelic Surf Rock - Mexico City, Mexico

Velvet Two Stripes - Cloud Seven (MR)
Rock'n'Roll / Garage Rock - Switzerland

Satanic Overdrive - Satanic Overdrive (MR)
Horror Punk / Punk'n'Roll - Gothenburg, Sweden

Ode to Space Hassle - Your Shadow's Curves (MR)
Psychedelic Shoegaze - Liège, Belgium

CAPRA - Medusa (MR)
Metallic Hardcore / Modern Hardcore - Lafayette, LA, USA

Bottled Fish - Warriors (MR)
Experimental Rock - Prague, Czechia

inaction - i
Screamo - Tokyo, Japan

The Great Machine - Dragon Wagon (MR)
Desert Rock - Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

Dachlawine - Take back the Night (MR)
Punk Rock - Potsdam, Germany

Saturnian Mist - Chaos is the Law (MR)
Blackened Death Metal / Occvlt Black Metal - Kuopio, Finland

Bonnie & die Scotts - Gib mir 'ne Kugel (MR)
Indie Rock - Jena, Germany

Speedy Ortiz - Cutco (MR)
Indie Rock / Garage Rock - Philadelphia, PA, USA

Desborde - ya no kiero ser parte de este mundo  (MR)
Hardcore Punk / Synth Punk - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Die Cigaretten - Pillen (MR)
Indie Pop / Indie Rock - Hamburg, Germany

Räuber Heikel - München probt Terror (MR)
Punk Rock / Deutschpunk - Munich, Germany


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