EP Review: LOBSTERBOMB - Go! Go! Go! (2021)

Picture Credit: LOBSTERBOMB

Release Date: July 30, 2021
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 16:18
Genre: Garage Rock / 77 Punk
Origin: Berlin, Germany

In a time before TikTok, Snapchat, and Tinder, people attached pamphlets to traffic signs or left flyers at stores. Those leaflets carried information such as "Have you seen our cat?", "I am offering banjo lessons" or "Young band seeks drummer".
Of course, these pamphlets still exist, but social media has absorbed a lot of their relevance. And since eveything is possible, there are hybrid forms. You might have heard of Formed A Band, an instagram profile that collects handwritten ads by people who are seeking for fellow musicians. One of the successful stories that began on Formed A Band is the story of Crayon Jones (he/him - guitar), Vik Chi (she/her - drums), and Nico Rosch (she/her - guitar/vocals). The three musicians met via Formed A Band, then they formed a band, and today their first EP "Go! Go! Go!" has been released.

On five tracks, LOBSTERBOMB revive the fabulous late 70s Punk-, Garage-, and Indie Rock sound. Think of X-Ray Spex, The Slits, or more recent acts like Nervous Twitch, Reptilians from Andromeda, or Amyl and the Sniffers, and you can imagine where "Go! Go! Go!" is headed.
The most outstanding track of the EP is 'Monster' which reminds of the Dead Kennedys' 'Holiday in Cambodia' in the very beginning. The rather slow song is an atmopsheric and melancholic tune with oriental-scale leads, and thus defines the release's calm anchor. On the remaining four songs, LOBSTERBOMB provide us with highspeed Garage Rock and Indie Punk. Crunchy guitars, driving riffs, and anthemic choruses guarantee a wild party wherever this EP is played. "Go! Go! Go!" is a hip-shaking and refreshing release that screams "Stand up for a better future, and by the way, Punk is alive!".

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