Album Review: QOYA - Yōkai (2021)

Picture Credit: Karmazid

 QOYA - Yōkai
Release Date: October 15, 2021
Label: selfrelease
Format: CD / Cassette / Digital
Length: 38:45
Genre: Post Metal / Post Punk
Origin: Grenoble, France

In 2019, QOYA from the French Alps released their first EP "The Fall". After this debut work the band shrank from a quartet to a trio since their bass player left the band. So, drummer Amar Ruiz also began to implement synthesizers to the sound of QOYA and thus, the search for a new bassist became obsolete. Like Amar Ruiz, Quentin Chazer (guitar and vocals), and Antoine Roux (guitar) are original members of the band that has now released their first longplayer "Yōkai".

QOYA go into the fields of Post-genres. The sound they present on "Yōkai" contains massive and doomy arrangements of Post Metal and Post Rock. Guitar leads as delicate and cold as fresh snow encounter intense walls of riffs that resemble giant blizzards. Between those soundscapes of sharp cold the vocal sections are situated in the dark and melancholic realms of Post Punk. At first, the movement from massive Doom and Post Metal parts decorated with freezing Post Rock leads over to the gloomy Post Punk air may appear uncommon, but the hearing gets acqauinted to it very fast. And thus, "Yōkai" is a stunning work of cold and dark music - an album to fan the flames to.

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