Album Review: Left Hand Black - Left Hand Black (2020)

During my research on Left Hand Black I first found a Danzig/Misfits Tribute band from Ohio and I was like "oooh nooooo, please!". Fortunately, it turned out I was wrong. Instead, I'm reviewing the Swedish band Left Hand Black. The quartet from Gothenburg has formed from the ashes of The Dead Next Door and dedicated themselves to Horror Punk.
Johan, Jonathan, Hand and Anton, also known as Left Hand Black will release their selftitled debut album at the end of March 2020 as CD, LP and digital copy via Wolverine Records. The release contains less than half an hour divided into 13 tracks. Of course. Music-wise a fast and raw version of Punk'n'Roll or Punkabilly is presented - typical Horror Punk one could say. Luckily, Left Hand Black add a lot of Trallpunk to their music which makes it a lot more interesting.
The first album by Left Hand Black sounds a bit as if Michale Graves had met Asta Kask at a funeral, mixed their beer with bat blood and vodka and suddenly started jamming. If it was not for the Trallpunk influence, Left Hand Black would most likely be just another Horrorpunk band that somehow sounds like the Misfits. With their refreshing mix of Swedish Punk Rock and gory Rock'n'Roll Left Hand Black will likely make fans of Horror Punk very happy and other Punk Rockers cannot go wrong by adding this album to their party list.

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