EP Review: Chaosaint - In the Name of (2020)

Photo Credit: Chaosaint

Chaosaint - In the Name of
Release: June 19, 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 19:22

"In the Name of" is the first release by Australian band Chaosaint. Drummer Chris Neilson, bass player Steve Baker, guitar player Jon Cribb, and guitar player and vocalist Shay Burgess have actually played together for almost two decades. But from 2001 until 2015 the quartet was called Exhale and predominantly played Nu Metal. A change was made five years ago, when concept and name were abandoned and Chaosaint was born.
Photo Credit: Chaosaint

Still cannot properly search for videos since the update of Blogger... I am beginning to consider changing to another platform for my reviews.
On five powerful tracks the band presents their new style. Honest, powerful and merciless Groove Metal with an undeniable impact by Alternative Metal thrashes out of the speakers for about twenty minutes. Chaosaint manage to produce a glorious clash of force-laden groove attacks and melodic choruses.
Photo Credit: Chaosaint

The atmosphere has a lot from 80s and early 90s Metal. Intense riffs march forward on mid- and uptempo, while brachial grooves merge into harmonic hooks. This is music to construct houses to. Or to raze them down - no matter what you prefer. Also, speeding should work excellently with this EP. Unfortunately, I only have a bicycle...
Anyways, if you love heavily grooving and versatile Metal, you should check this EP out! The song 'Darkness Following' especially is a potential party track.

Chaosaint Online:


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