Album Review: Accidental President - Accidental President (2020)

Photo Credit: Accidental President

Accidental President - Accidental President
Release: July 01, 2020
Format: Digital
Length: 46:33

I think we accidentally a president. Accidentally what? A president!
Yes, these are weird times and besides the funny or comic parts about it, social injustice and inequality can be found wherever you look. Accidental President from New South Wales are fed up with the world in which everyone only works for their own profit. Thus, the band's mission is to spread social awareness and to proclaim empathy.

The style of music Accidental President use to spread their content is a unique mix of what can for the most part be called Alternative Metal and Hard Rock. Despite the rough atmosphere the trio creates the songs are catchy and easy to digest. Vocalist Bethany Neville especially adds a lot of the Gothic Rock of the millenium with her impressive and wide-ranged voice.

The chequered music somehow reminds me of German Band Illegal I. Unless the Gothic impact in Accidental President's songs makes a big difference.
What Leon Cadden (drums), Dave Ben Lee (guitar and vocals), and Bethany Neville have created here is an empowering and rough album that conveys a lot of positivity and a call for unity. This is definitely music to fight for a better future with.

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