Album Review: Grace.Will.Fall - Barren by Design (2020)

Photo Credit: David Connard / Grace.Will.Fall

Grace.Will.Fall - Barren by Design
Release: May 29, 2020
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Length: 38:09
Origin: Jönköping, Sweden

Hoarse vocals, galopping beats, intelligent breaks and a deeply gloomy atmosphere. The fifth album by Grace.Will.Fall is a great display of their melange of sophisticated Post Hardcore and dirty Crustcore. The air on this release is full of smoke and mist while the band mercilessly (but organized!) hacks and thrashes forward.

It also appears as if Grace.Will.Fall have fueled up some Heavy Metal before they started writing the songs for "Barren by Design". NWoBHM licks easily slide into the brachial soundscape on this album. These merge with the stomping and shouting (Post) Hardcore surrounding that is highly impacted by the heritage of Amebix and Tragedy.

Grace.WillFall present a very refreshing and uncommon approach towards Crust which makes me very happy. Their fifth work has become a powerful, dark and relflected album. "Barren by Design" is a recommendation not only for fans of Martyrdöd, Skitsystem and Disavow.



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