EP Review: The Scoffs - Talk is cheap... Here's the Scoffs (2020)

Photo Credit: The Scoffs

The Scoffs - Talk is cheap... Here's The Scoffs
Release: May 04, 2020
Format: CD/Digital
Length: 15:40
Genre: 77 Punk
Origin: Seattle, USA

The Scoff were founded in 2019. The band consists of Rob Olsen (drums), Nate Manning (bass, vocals), Gabor Szakacsi (guitar, vocals), and Steve "Knuck" Bostick (guitar, lead vocals) from the Needle City in Washington State. With "Talk is cheap... Here's The Scoffs" they have recently presented their debut EP - a five-track CD full of classic and melodic 77 Punk Rock.

Uncommon for 77 Punk is the rather strong usage of distortion on the guitars. Nevertheless, The Scoffs lightfootedly jump and dance over the fifteen minutes of their first EP. Rhythm and riffing immediately motivate your whole body to move and mosh. Each song is centered by a catchy hookline presented by clean and melodic voice.

The Scoffs play a powerful Rock'n'Roll-influenced version of 70s and 80s Punk Rock. Somewehere between Schoolgirl Bitch, The Ramones, Misfits and Turbonegro, the Seattle-based quartet has set up their tents.
Lyric-wise are not the standard happy-go-lucky-Bubblegum Punk Rock. Instead, the band is sarcastic, serious, and even political. Best example is the protest hymn 'Little Blue Tyrants'.
Summing up, this is a great debut. Hope to hear more from this butt-moving Punk Rock band!

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