Single Review: ATLS PLAZA N.D. - ME / NOT Me (2021) - Guest Feature by Dmitriy Churilov

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Picture Credit: ATLS PLAZA N.D.

Release Date: November 22, 2021
Duration: 13:59
Genre: Vaporwave / Trance
Origin: Washington, USA

As the season dies, I tend to succumb to midlife nostalgia and driving more slowly. ATLS PLAZA N.D. is my personal favourite for this summer, the artist that captures the mood perfectly and isn’t afraid to study different areas within the established and somewhat oversaturated genre.

The American based producer has an interesting backstory that highlights his creative endeavours. The artist behind ATLS PLAZA N.D. comes from the metal community, being really into the most extreme of its branches like black and death, as well as all kinds of japanese rock and metal too. The roots, influence and heritage of darker crafts is distinctive in the works of ATLS PLAZA N.D. to this day, even though we went through major transformations, both spiritually and musically.

My acquaintance with ATLS began with AESTHETIC album, and I strongly recommend to stick to it first to experience the newer material better. This release shows the artist’s initial spark and fascination with the whole vaporwave thing - it breathes everything the genre is known for, creating the ultimate vapor release. From the colour palette of the artwork to precisely slow tempos, AESTHETIC creates that lazy-bedroom-trip mood. And what gives it an oddly pleasant sound and really makes its stand out is the fact that it is mostly based on j-pop and j-rock songs, reworked, rehashed and regurgitated.

This basis makes other releases even a bigger delight to listen to. My next stop was Me/ Not Me, the release that shows the colossal development of ATLS as a producer. Here vaporwave remains as a slight miasma, giving way to endless style bending experiments, both in sound and mix, well, overall approach. Two tracks are absolutely different, providing diametrically opposite listening experiences - from ethereal downtempo electronica with sleepy vocals to background noise ridden synthwave.

It’s a pleasure to see an artist being in passion with his thing, and ATLS PLAZA N.D. leaves you no chance to ignore that feeling. This is a journey you can’t resist - and you won’t be wanting to even try.

Text by Dmitriy Churilov


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