Album Review: X Ray Cat Trio - Love, Blood & Monsters (2020)

There's a few good things that will never go extinct: gory Western films, vampires, Horror romantic, Rockabilly and Surf Rock. Did I get your attention? Hope so, because we are lookin at the X Ray Cat Trio's newest album "Love, Blood Monsters" today.
The three musicians from Leeds are back with a beautilfully trashy mix of Surf Rock, Rock'n'Roll and the atmosphere of a Vapmire Western Horror film. Meaning, "Love, Blood & Monsters" is situated somewhere between Lucio Fulci, Bram Stoker, run-down bars with cheap beer and the Great Barrier Reef. Rolling Surf Rock meets scary aesthetics and a sweet fascination for death and the afterlife.
On 14 tracks the X Ray Cat Trio plays the swinging dance tunes for those who aren't tired or dead enough to go home. "Love, Blood & Monsters" features the perfect soundtrack for long nights in gloomy pubs, for concerts at Halloween, and for your next horror movie night. The new album of the Vampyr Surf Rock'n'Roll trio is available on March 2, 2020 as an LP via Trash Wax and as a CD via Buzzard's Claw.
So, all you ghouls, undead, vampires, monsters and other abomnations, grab your skateboard and some drinks. Jackets won't be necessary as long as you dance. Wanna enjoy the X Ray Cat Trio's release tour? Here are the upcoming dates:
14/05/2020 Boom, Leeds

X Ray Cat Trio Online:


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