EP Review: Exomnia - Aftermath (2019)

As Nick and Giannis saw their recent project slowly go down, the time was right for some change. Thus, the two Thessaloniki-based musicians put their effort into forming a new band to deal with their unfinished business. By May 2018 Alex, Dino, and Michail have joined the band and Exomnia was born. From now on the Greek quintet could finally concentrate on rehearsing and recording. The outcome of this work is the EP "Aftermath" which was released via Alcyone Records on 19 September 2019.
Before the release Exomnia promoted their first EP in Greece and Romania together with Saddayah. On both mini tours the feedback for their Melodic Death Metal was amazing. Exomnia mix high-pitched melodies on guitars and keys with deep and grooving Death Metal riffing. Flagships are the Power Metal-like melodic leads and the gargling deep growls by singer Alex.
For my personal taste Exomnia's music is lacking brutality and instead the symphonic harmonies are a bit too much. I am sure, fans of Melodic Death Metal with an emphasis on the first word will have a lot of fun with this EP, but I myself cannot really take too much pleasure in this.
If you like late Dissection, Arch Enemy or In Flames you will probably have a lot of fun with Exomnia. If you either love demanding melodic music or harsh Death Metal, you might get happier with several other bands.

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