Album Review - The BuzzDealers - Blooming (2020)

Need some Buzz? You came to the right spot. Here are The BuzzDealers!
The quartet from Greek capital Athens have recently released their first album "Blooming": a 38-minute powerload of Blues-driven Garage Rock.
Special guests on this album are background vocalist Sofia Kamina and trumpet player Johnny Matto.

Photo Credit: The BuzzDealers / Vasilis Delis

My first impression of this album: I cannot stand still! The BuzzDealers are so moving they might even turn a cemetery into a great dance event. Heavily rolling Blues Rock is fed with huge bunches of Fuzz. Meanwhile, the good old Garage Rock attitude is displayed in a highly psychedelic way that creates colourful tunnels and spirals like calleidoscopes. The dance moves, their music makes me practice remind me of the Indie Rock phase around the Millenium.
But it's not only the mixture of extremely cool styles that makes The BuzzDealers so special. The quartet plays their song with such confidence that you can just close your eyes, enjoy the music and get drifted away to unknown spheres.
It is a soft and gentle but wholesome trip this album sends you on. The journey leads us through the best eras of Rock music and turns out to be a pure joyride from beginning to end.
Party, I am reminded of Swiss Power Psych band Giant Moa (check them out, they're awesome, too!), in other parts The BuzzDealers play straight Rock'n'Roll and from to time they slide into the sweetest days of Kraut Rock. It is sheer amazing with what ease The BuzzDealers cross boundaries of genres and merge them as if they belonged together anyways.
If you want to purchase a vinyl version of this feelgood powerload you will have to wait until Autumn 2020. CD and digital version are already avalaible. Join me for that Psychedelic Indie Garage Psychedelic Blues Rock Dance? You won't regret!

The BuzzDealers Online:


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