Album Review: Deathvalves - Slaves (2020)

The Deathvalves were founded in the Greek town of Karditsa in 2006. Since then the quartet has released three albums, "Wild Rock'n'Roll Obsession" (2007), "Deathvalves" (2012), and "Dark Stories from the Past" (2016). For May 1, 2020 Deathvalves have announced their fourth longplayer "Slaves" which will be released on the label New Dream Records.
On their new album Deathvalves present a bit more than half an hour of melodic Hard Rock, Heavy Metal intertwined with Rock'n'Roll attitude. The melodic patterns and motifs have a strong impact on the music of the album which gives it a certain air of Alternative Rock.
Instruments, rhythms and an altogether rather positive harmony join a colourful dance as Deathvalves play their melodic but somewhat heavy songs. Convolving structures are often interrupted by heavily distorted riffing buildung up the momentum.
Wrapping it up, "Slaves" is a solid and nice album. Listening to it for the third time, I am missing highlights and climactic movements. Deathvalves are unfortunately lacking to add the right punch to their newest release. Thus, "Slaves" is definitely worth listening to and I can recommend it as a good playlist for a ride on the highway.

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