Album Review: Bugzee Lix - Manifest Destiny (2022) - Guest Feature by Dmitriy Churilov

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Picture Credit: Bugzee Lix

Bugzee Lix - Manifest Destiny
Release Date: May 15, 2022
Duration: 49:23
Genre: Hip Hop / Drill
Origin: Seattle, WA, USA

Bugzee Lix has been on the radar of the rap game for some time already, releasing a handful of releases which managed to generate considerable hype. Born in New Orleans and raised in Washington, Bugzee demonstrates his keen witty style rooting in pop culture and oldschool rap.
Seattle based artist polished his flow and methods to create "Manifest Destiny", an LP to display Bugzee’s creative shape. A diverse elaborate rap release, that covers a wide range of subgenres and trends throughout the last twenty years. This also feels like a travel through time, as song change you get the feeling of re-living and closely following the evolution of rap and hip hop.

First thing to notice in comparison with previous material - Bugzee definitely got inspired by european drill, most heavily with it’s UK school. Overall, "Manifest Destiny" offers every kind of flow and beat there is, from the radio friendly lyrics (like Akon and later Busta Rhymes) to OG shit like Pac and Ice Cube.
The production keeps the fresh taste of DIY and underground, while songwriting remains classy and pop-oriented. Those tracks would easily fit on the radio or Hip Hop Caviar.
So whats up doc? Bugzee is slowly but steadily taking his deserved place, his crown and a fair share of haters. Well, that comes with the territory.

Text by Dmitriy Churilov

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