Album Review: Ophelia's Eye - Hopeless World (2022)

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Ophelia's Eye - Hopeless World
Release Date: April 15, 2022
Label: selfrelease
Format: CD / Digital
Duration: 25:28
Genre: Progressive Metalcore / Death Metal
Origin: Dulliken, Switzerland

Ophelia's Eye are a young band from Dulliken, in the Swiss Canton of Solothurn. In this triangle between the three cities of Bern, Zürich, and Basel, great music for those who love to bang their heads or to go savage in the moshpit has been born. In 2021, Ophelia's Eye have released two singles in which they presented their very own approach to grooving, brachial, and yet innovative and sophisticated Metal. You can read the reviews on the singles here: 'Speak Words of Destruction', and 'The Demon Behind My Mind'.
In mid-April of the third year of the Coronacene, the quintet has released their first full-length album "Hopeless World" - a six-track CD on which Ophelia's Eye take a a close look at the darkest and most difficult situations of human life.

"Hopeless World" is opend by 'My Honor' which does not beat about the bush but jumps right into action. The first track is a brutal sweeping blow of stomping Metalcore that is ornated by heavy grooves and harsh breakdowns. As rapidly as it begins, the opening track fades out and then leaves space for the MeloDeath introduction to 'Fuck my Trust'. Here, Ophelia's Eye seemlessly and confidently shift the movement from moshpit-ready Prog Metalcore to neck-breaking Death Metal. Although the intro to the second song is very melodic, it contains only as much melody as neccessary and thus becomes a heavyweight banger with an anthemic chorus and a tornado of a bridge.

The title track is the longest song on the album with a running time of over seven minutes. Guitarists Corinne and Remo create a gloomily harmonic and atmospheric introduction that leads into an epic Death Metal passage. The song structure is defined by a step-by-step increase of tempo, heaviness, and intensity, until the breakdown half way through 'Hopeless World' comes in like a blizzard. After the storm comes the calm, comes the storm again. The movement of the title track is sheer impressive, and it will please the needs of all Prog Metal an Djent fans.
The following track 'Human Abyss' would also have had the potential to become the album's title track since Ophelia's Eye are musically exploring the chasms of human behaviour. And as the song title and the torture dungeon introduction may assume, this is by far the most brutal song on "Hopeless World". In this headbanger, Ophelia's Eye let melody and progressive structures step to the background. Instead, the quintet provides some honest and brachial Old School Death Metal here.

This theme is being continued with the fast lane thunderstorm 'I'm explosive'. Whatever anger, rage, or negativity you feel, this is the song to shake it off to. Headbanging to this one might possibly open a rift in the space-time-continuum.
And finally, with 'Pain and Sorrow' a legit anthem marks the end of the album. If you still have some energy left inside your body, then this is the track to completely go savage to.

Ophelia's Eye - the band that has taken their name from ETA Hofmann's novel "Der Sandmann" - has released an unstoppable tempest of a debut album. On six tracks, the Swiss quintet deals with suicidality, with abuse and selfishness, with greed and envy. And they wrap these abysmal topics in a soundscape that is so brutal it could blow all negativity away for good. This is the sonic fire to clean your soul with.

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