Fresh Mango: May 03, 2022

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 Fresh Mango

8 new releases that are worth checking out!
8 short reviews.
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Red City Format - As of Tonight (MR)
(45:08, Album, Digital, selfrelease, 22/02/2022)
This episode of Fresh Mango begins with a very emotional album. Not only do the three members of Red City Format defy the ~3,000 miles (~4,800 kilometres) from Santa Monica, CA to Philadelphia, PA. Their longterm friendship is not only source to steady contact and dynamic music, it also includes more people. Thus, the album on hand, "As of Tonight" is dedicated to the loving memory of two friends from the trio's surroundings.
The music on "As of Tonight", too is very emotional but yet energetic. Sensual ballads such as the emotipnal six-minute longtrack 'Dope' may coin the major soundscape. Still, Red City Format know how to create heavy riffs which they implement to their soulful sound, and with the Punk Rock anthem 'Between You and Me' or the atmospheric Rock hymn 'The Girl from Outer Space', they provide movement and power.

Feralman - Golden Canary (MR)
(07:43/03:43, Single, Digital, Feral Records, 11/03/2022)
And while we are talking about emotional and atmospheric sounds, the latest single release by Welsh/Australian singer and songwriter Feralman fits just right. The ex ante single to the artist's upcoming full-length release is a deeply soulful multi-layer enterprise through cold winds and gentle clouds made from Americana, Celtic Folk, Post Rock, and Indie Rock.
The impressive soundscape is a powerful spreader of hope and confidence as it tells the audience to take their chances and follow their dreams. The meditative manner of this harmonic piece is uplifting from beginning to end. It comes in a seven-minute album version and an abriged edit for the radios.

Damien - Melbourne Afternoon (MR)
(03:37, Single, Digital, selfrelease, 25/03/2022)
Although it is presented on a much darker soundscape, the new single 'Melbourne Afternoon' by Australian artist Damien conveys an uplifting and motivational message, too. On an eclectic mix of Darkwave, Industrial Rock, Synthwave, and Post Punk the musician reaches their hand to those who have already decided to give up. Reflecting their own experience with suicidality, Damien encourages their listeners to rediscover their will to live and to defy the oppressing structures of society. This dark and yet extremely motivating sound will be on Damien's upcoming second longplayer "Wrong Age. Wrong Race. Wrong Gender".

Big Mountain County - Klaus (MR)
(EP, 25:30, Vinyl/Digital, Porto Records, 22/04/2022)
The five-track EP "Klaus" by Big Mountain County is way more than just a comeback after the band has previously released their album "Somewhere Else" in 2020. What the quintet from Italian capital Rome has created here is a fabulous reinvention of their self, an endlessly satifactory phoenix-from-the-ashes moment.
On the first three tracks, Big Mountain County do not deny or hide their Punk Rock roots, and yet the sonic journey they lead us on goes through the darkest and most colourful corridors of the rabbit hole. Garage Rock creates dynamic twists which then spiral down into darkest Post Punk that psychedelically echoes itself like the most intense lucid dream. The EP's second half consists of the song 'Where are you?' and two remixed versions of it which have already been reviewed recently.

Tyler Kamen - Artichke Pythagorum (MR)
(42:27, Album, Digital, Kamen Entertainment Group, 22/04/2022)
A new release by New York's Progressive Rock, Funk, and Folk artist Tyler Kamen is always a guarantee for happiness and great entertainment. The fantastic tales by the artist from the US-American East Coast have been featured on MangoWave several times before, and they have always provided joy and enthusiasm.
The latest expedition into the fantastic world of Tyler Kamen is the tale of a village inhabited by vegetable gnomes. As their plots and gardens are under constant attack of evil bugs, the gnomes seek for help. Legend has it that a mysterious artichoke is part of the solution to the gnomes' problem, and thus their quest begins. Driven by the dynamics of Funk and the harmony of Folk, Tyler Kamen paints beautiful and deeply psychedelic sonic images, and therefore once more fulfills the listeners' senses with excitement and joy.

No Quarter - Fear and Loathing on the Pacific Highway (MR)
(44:21, Album, Vinyl/CD/Digital, Melodic Punk Style, 29/04/2022)
And now for something completely different, Australian Skate Punk band No Quarter is close to celebrating their 20th anniversairy. While in their home country Down Under winter is about to begin, the band has released a beast of a new album. On thirteen tracks, "Fear and Loathing on the Pacific Highway" hits the golden ratio of nostalgia and innovation. The sporty and heavy Punk Rock rhythms will wake everybody's memories of 1990s Skate Punk and phenomena such as MTV playing music, skate videos being all around, and of course the early Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games. And by adding a harsher tone and more progressive riffing, No Quarter transfer this feeling to our present days, and thus they provide the next generation of heavy and fast music for the skate parks.

BSÍ - Relax, blabla (MR)
(08:13, Single, Digital, Why Not? Plötur/post-dreifing/Tomatenplatten, 28/04/2022)
Brussels Sprouts Intl from Icelandic capital Reykjavík are back with a new two-track release. A year after their stunning double-a-side album "Sometime depressed... but always antifascist", Julius and Sigurlaug are back with another double-sided release. The single 'Relax, blabla' begins with the energetic 'Jelly Belly', a powerful track to dance off your anger and fear to. The second title 'New Moon' is a deeply hypnotizing journey to the core of our own memories. And together, this new release is not only another masterpiece of BSÍ's Lofi Indie Cute Pop Punk, but also a healthy sonic therapy session.

Talco - Insert Coin (MR)
(15:01, EP, CD/Digital, HFMN/Cargo, 29/04/2022)
What do you have to do to play a "Videogame"? Well, if it is a machine like the one on the new Talco EP cover then you will have to "Insert Coin" first. And thus, the name of the five-track EP directly leads to the upcoming full-length release "Videogame" to be published later in 2022.
Four years after the sextet's latest output, "Insert Coin" is a strongly confident output with the typical Talco sound that still chases every nazi hooligan out of the stadiums. The band from Maghera stays true to their Punkchanka style merging powerful offbeat sounds with Punk Rock, Mediterranean and partially Hebrew Folk influences, and the energy of a hundred thunderstorms.


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