Single Review: Gabrielle Ornate - Free Falling (2022)

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Picture Credit: Gabrielle Ornate

Gabrielle Ornate - Free Falling
Release Date: May 13, 2022
Label: Minerva Sounds
Duration: 02:51
Genre: Indie Rock / Bohemian Pop
Origin: Radlett, England

Bohemian Pop artist Gabrielle Ornate has become a regular on MangoWave. Click here to find older articles that feature the music by the great musician from Hertfordshire. The recent releases were predominantly coined by colourful and psychedelic soundscapes on which Gabrielle Ornate built immense structures of hypnotizing music, and which conveyed the fantastic narratives of these songs. Without abandoning these features, the artist is presenting a reinvention of her own sound by releasing her latest single 'Free Falling' on Friday May 13, 2022.

After a short atmospheric introduction, it becomes obvious what the biggest novelty is sound-wise. A heavy guitar crashes into the song, giving this Bohemian Pop tune and very tough outfit. The little licks between the themes, the intense use of fuzz and distortion, and the alternating play between distorted and rather clear riffs gives the song a Shocking Blue-esque Psychedelia. Meanwhile, the rhythm is similar to previous releases by Gabrielle Ornate, and yet in 'Free Falling' the beats of her Bohemian Pop are even more activating, more dynamic, and most certainly more heavy.

Picture Credit: Gabrielle Ornate

And on top of this thrilling and proactively motivating sound there is the distinctive voice of Gabrielle Ornate. The musician makes 'Free Falling' fill up the remotest corner of the room it is played in. And as it is typical for the music of Gabrielle Ornate, if feels like rainbows and the most colourful images emerging from the speakers while she sings.
With her latest single 'Free Falling', Gabrielle Ornate may have brought her Bohemian Pop to the next level. Withouth neglecting her signature moves, the talented artist presents herself stronger, more confident, and more empowering than ever before. So turn up that volume, and enjoy the free fall into a colourful fantasy land.

Gabrielle Ornate Online:

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